Xerafy MicroX II Paint Shop, UHF RFID tag engineered to track automotive chassis through paint shop processes

Paint shop UHF RFID tagsXerafy’s rugged long-read-range on-metal UHF RFID tag, the Microx II, is now available in a special version designed to reliably track automotive chassis and other work-in-process metallic parts through high temperature paint shop processes.

Paint shop RFID tag

Xerafy Microx II


Protected by a durable engineering-grade nylon polymer encasement, the Microx II Paint Shop is capable of withstanding temperature up to 250°C, challenging heat-up/cool-down cycles, strong mechanical stresses, prolonged immersion in water (IP68) and exposure to a broad variety of corrosive chemicals. This extreme durability, combined with read range up to 10 meters in a compact form factor of 51mm x 36.3mm x 75mm, makes the Microx II Paint Shop suitable not only for paint shop cycles, but rather an excellent solution for tracking automotive parts along the whole manufacturing process. The tag is available in two frequency versions, 902-928 MHz (Americas, China, Japan) and 866-868 MHz (Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa), and can be delivered with customized chip programming and laser engraving.


Please get in touch with Xerafy for additional details on UHF RFID tags for paint shop processes. Seeking RFID tags for other applications? Try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at info@veryfields.net, also for suggestions about complete RFID solutions.

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LAB ID UH427, multi-purpose item-level UHF RFID inlay with excellent performance in dense tag populations

Item-level UHF RFID inlays closely spaced.

The UH427 is a versatile UHF RFID inlay engineered to be used in a variety of item-level applications and, thanks to its special asymmetric antenna design, deliver high performance in terms of read range and accuracy also when many tags are closely spaced.

Item-level UHF RFID inlay



Despite its compact dimensions of 50 x 30 mm, the UH427 provides good orientation insensitivity combined with read range over 5 meters. Form factor and performance make this item-level UHF RFID inlay a great solution for apparel tagging and many other applications in which both fixed and handheld readers are used. The UH427 features the NXP UCODE 7 chip or EM Microelectronic’s EM4124 and EM4126 ICs. Can be delivered in dry inlay, wet inlay or customized labels formats.


Please contact LAB ID for additional information on this item-level UHF RFID inlay. Are you seeking RFID tags for other applications or looking for complete RFID solutions? Try our RFID tag search engine or contact us.

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Farsens presented HygroFenix, passive RFID temperature and humidity sensor

Passive UHF RFID sensors.

New product of Farsens’ broad family of battery-free UHF RFID sensors that work with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID standard readers, HygroFenix is a passive RFID temperature and humidity sensor that allows accurate measurements of temperature and relative humidity while providing wireless data transmission with read range up to 1.5 meters.

Passive RFID temperature humidity sensor


HygroFenix represents not only a cost-effective option for simultaneous RFID-enable asset tracking and measurement of temperature and relative humidity, but also an easy solution for situations where there is the need for automatic temperature and humidity measurement, but electrical wiring is not possible or the use of batteries is not convenient. Such situations can be identified for example in data centers where the environmental conditions must be monitored to assure the correct working of IT assets. HygroFenix is able to measure values of relative humidity from 0% to 100%, with maximum accuracy of ±4.5% and resolution of 0.004%. As per the temperature measurement capabilities, the measurable values range from -30°C to 85°C, with maximum accuracy of ±0.5°C and resolution of 0.016°C. A variety of antenna models with different directivity are available to match specific application requirements within the 860-960 MHz band. Additionally, Farsens can deliver fully customized encasements to meet any need in terms of mounting options and protection for use in the harshest environments.

Please contact Farsens for additional information on this passive RFID temperature and humidity sensor. Looking for other kinds of RFID tags or a complete RFID solutions? Try our RFID tag search engine or contact us.

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RTEC released small passive UHF on-metal tags with sensing and auto-retuning capabilities

On-metal RFID tags RFMicron Magnus-s2Using the RFMicron Magnus-S2 chip with RFMicron’s Chameleon technology, the new RTEC products — Proton-Magnus, Atom-Magnus and Rs-Magnus — are small passive UHF on-metal RFID tags capable of sensing the proximity of objects and the surrounding pressure and moisture variations and automatically adapt theirselves to these de-tuning factors to provide high performance constantly.

The innovative RFMicron’s Chameleon technology dynamically adjusts the chip’s input impedance to correct mismatches that occur when external factors alter the impedance of the tag’s antenna. Leveraging the same chip capabilities, these RTEC tags can be employed for security purposes, for instance to check if an object is moved away from close proximity to the tag, and as low-cost pressure and moisture sensors. The RFMicron Magnus-S2 chip has two possible memory configurations: 128 bits of EPC memory + 144 bits of user memory, or 272 bits of EPC memory and 0 bits of user memory.

Passive UHF on-metal tag with sensing capability


Work metal tools UHF RFID tags


Proton-Magnus and Atom-Magnus are engineered to track metallic work tools, IT assets, medical equipment and Work in Process metallic parts. Their rugged encasement, which is rated IP68 and withstands temperature up to 150°C, allows these small passive UHF on-metal RFID tags to be reliably used in the harshest industrial environments.
Proton-Magnus measures just 10 x 5 x 3.2 mm and provides read range up to 2.5 meters. A bit larger with dimensions of 25 x 9 x 3.2 mm, the Atom-Magnus can be read from up to 5 meters.

Autoclave UHF on-metal RFID tags



Thanks to a small form factor of 18 x 4 x mm and thickness of 1.8 mm combined with an enclosure that survives repeated autoclave cyclesRs-Magnus is an ideal solution for surgical instruments, metallic containers and assets that must undergo sterilization processes. Rs-Magnus offers read range up to 1 meter.



.All the

Please contact RTEC for further details on their small on-metal RFID tags with RFMicron Magnus-s2 chip. Looking for other RFID tags? Try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at info@veryfields.net, also for suggestions about complete RFID solutions.

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Avery Dennison AD-172u7 and AD-806u7, small high performance UHF inlays for retail and healthcare applications


Recently unveiled by Avery Dennison, the AD-172u7 and AD-806u7 are UHF inlays designed to provide excellent performance in retail and healthcare applications that require very small RFID tags.   Continue reading

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HID Global launched an extremely thin yet rugged UHF RFID tag that can be affixed or integrated in industrial assets

Injection molding UHF RFID tag thin ruggedThe latest product from HID Global is an extremely thin yet rugged UHF RFID tag that can be mounted with adhesive or screws, or permanently embedded in custom housings or plastic assets at the point of manufacture. Thanks to its high quality epoxy enclosure, which reliably protects the internal electronics during the high temperature and pressure of injection molding processes, the tag can become invisible integral part of newly produced RFID enabled plastic containers.   Continue reading

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Nedap Identification Systems Compact Tag, a cost-efficient, reliable solution for identification of drivers, personnel in buildings

Driver and personnel RFID trackingNedap Identification Systems’ Compact Tag is specifically designed to provide customers with a cost-efficient yet reliable solution for long range identification of drivers entering restricted areas and people accessing and moving inside buildings, i.e for personnel tracking.   Continue reading

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UHF RFID field strength visual meter allows to easily assess the performance of UHF RFID installations

UHF RFID field magnitude measurement.

New addition to Farsens’ portfolio of passive RFID sensors, Photon is a UHF RFID field strength meter that uses its high-brightness green Light Emitting Diode (LED) to provide a visual feedback on the magnitude of the surrounding UHF RFID field.   Continue reading

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Avery Dennison released new high performance RFID tags for apparel and shoes tagging

RFID tags for apparel, shoesAvery Dennison raises the bar on performance of RFID tags for apparel and shoes, by launching three new RFID inlay models — AD-320u7, AD-381m5, AD-383u7 — that provide high versatility thanks to their excellent read performance in small sizes.   Continue reading

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HID Global adds HF NFC tags to its SlimFlex™ family of industrial RFID transponders

ISO 15693 NFC industrial tags.

The new products feature the same flexible yet robust thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) housing of the previously released UHF SlimFlex™ Tags but, leveraging the NXP ICODE SLIX chip, can be read with any ISO 15693 compliant NFC smartphone, besides all the ISO 15693 RFID readers in the market.   Continue reading

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