Top 10 Trends You’ll See at IDTechEx Show! Europe 2016

IDTechEx Show Europe 2016The following is an article by Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, the global research and business intelligence firm that created the IDTechEx Show! Europe 2016, which will be held April 27-28, in Berlin, Germany.

Today’s emerging technologies are varied, vast – and moving at the blink of an eye. Here are the top 10 key trends we’ll see at the show that are changing the way the world lives, works and plays.

Wearable Technology Moves Beyond Fashionable
Wearable technology is a strong driver for the development of stretchable electronics, enabling devices that can conform and move with the human body — rather than the rigid blocks of electronics that constrict human motion we saw in early stages. Not only are there new innovations in materials, adhesives and component connections, key components like sensors, batteries and transistors are themselves now flexible. Through the use of case studies and key analyses, presenting companies will discuss implementation of these emerging technologies in new products, such as the Baby MIMO electronic monitoring vest enabled by stretchable ink from EMS.

Printed Electronics: From Component Supply to Innovative Product Design
Over the last 18 months, many players in the printed electronics industry have been moving from offering a component to making complete products, resulting in the creation of new market spaces with new products not previously feasible. Many of these products — as well as new ones to be announced — will be demonstrated at the show, including the TempTraq smart band aid from BlueSpark; the golf club sensor labels from Enfucell; smart packaging from Thin Film Electronics; and pens that write with conductive ink to produce circuits from Electroninks. Attendees will also see the host of the integration tools that enable these new products.

Illuminating Flexible Displays and Lighting
OLED and — even now LCD — displays are increasingly becoming flexible with the use of plastic substrates. In fact, last July LG Display announced that it will invest approximately $900 million in a flexible OLED display manufacturing line in Korea. These flexible displays call for new materials and films, from flexible barrier materials to flexible backplanes; and players in this arena are also prioritizing consumer electronics and automotive applications. The IDTechEx Show! features sessions on displays, lighting and related components, such as barrier films and flexible transparent conductive films.

Structural Electronics Take Flight
Structural electronics are replacing the old components-in-a-box approach with smart materials, such as load-bearing parts, smart skin and e-textiles. For example, a recent IDTechEx interview with one of the largest car Japanese companies revealed that their experimental 3D printing of ultra-lightweight car seats, based on bird bone structure, will now become 3D-PE with electrics and electronics built into the seat as it is grown. Meanwhile, teams in Australia, the UK and the U.S. will be demonstrating supercapacitor car bodies using in-mold electronics. A key session at the show will discuss how these structural electronics are taking flight — from printed functional systems on aircraft to in-mold electronics.

3D Printed Electronics Expand
3D printing is now being combined with printed electronics, which has led to the development of exciting new products. For instance, 3D printers have developed metals which can be 3D printed to create metal objects from jewelry to engine parts. This emerging technology will be the focus of a session about metal materials for 3D printing; and printing metallic materials with corresponding functional inks, such as printing dielectrics onto 3D surfaces to create 3D electronics, is also covered in a session on 3D printed electronics.

Thin is In With Sensors
Large investments have been made to enable flexible, thin sensors rather than expand the market of rigid sensors — a trend that can be seen in the actions of companies like ISORG, which has raised $22 million to build a facility to make optical sensors on plastic; and by the U.S. Dept. of Defense’s investment of $75 million in a new manufacturing innovation institute for flexible and hybrid electronics. (Both organizations are presenting at the show.) We’ll also see improvements and new form factors with conventional sensors driven by the ongoing needs of wearable technology, the automotive industry, the Internet of Things and built structures. These sensor advances are covered in presentations by some of today’s most dynamic organizations, including Intel, InvenSense, Honeywell and TE Connectivity, which will highlight key opportunities as we progress to the trillion sensor network.

Energy Harvesting Reaches a Higher Power
Energy harvesters started out as smaller devices used to power IoT sensor nodes, switches and other small devices, but this capability has rapidly grown to now include thermoelectrics providing energy input for cars; and companies such as Google embracing airborne wind energy (AWE); and others in use now for regenerative breaking.  At the show, we’ll see how today’s harvesters can turn motion in a 3D direction into a single directional motion for harvesting energy, in addition to form factors ranging from thin piezoelectric films to large, high-power output devices.

Thin, Flexible Batteries:  Not Your Father’s Bunny
The world’s largest consumer electronics companies, such as Apple, LG and Samsung, have moved into the development of flexible battery technology — due in a large part to the wearable technology market, which will help drive the flexible battery market from U.S. $ 6.9 million in 2015 to more than U.S $400 million in 2025, according to IDTechEx Research. Key presentations at the show will illustrate how this incredible market will unfold.

The Motion of the Ocean: Energy Independent Vehicles
Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIVs) exist on and under water, as airships and planes and as on-road and off-road vehicles — typically relying on sunshine sometimes with other forms of energy harvesting as well, including waves and wind — making electricity to power their motors. But mostly they rely on flexible photovoltaics. At the show, key presentations will focus on increasingly multiple, on-board energy harvesting that will further boost the already impressive speed, payloads and duty cycles.

You Can See Clearly Now:  Smart Eyewear Enabling VR and AR
More organizations are developing smart glasses and contact lenses than ever before. Fueled by new component form factors and lower power functionality, they seek to address the huge virtual reality and augmented reality opportunities ripe for the taking. At the IDTechEx show!, you’ll be able to try out the latest innovations for yourself.

The eight co-located conferences of the IDTechEx Show! Europe 2016 will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Nov. 18-19. For more information, visit
Established in 1999, IDTechEx provides independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in more than 80 countries. IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge UK. The IDTechEx Show! Europe 2016 is part of a global series of events from IDTechEx. The next show is slated for Santa Clara, USA in 2016.

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New small on-metal UHF RFID tags from Omni-ID withstand repeated exposure to temperatures up to 225 degrees Celsius

High temperature small UHF RFID tags for metal asset trackingOmni-ID launched a line of high temperature small UHF RFID tags for metal asset tracking. Fit 100 High Temperature, Fit 210 High Temperature and Fit 400 High Temperature have been designed to survive challenging temperature stresses and provide excellent read ranges for such small on-metal RFID tags, at prices that allow broad RFID deployments.

Small UHF RFID tags for surgical instruments high temperature small UHF RFID tags for metal assets
High temperature small UHF RFID tags metal High temperature UHF RFID tags for hand tools

Counterclockwise from top left: Fit 100 High Temperature, Fit 400 High Temperature, Fit 210 High Temperature

Like all the previously released Omni-ID Fit tags, also the Fit High Temperature products are small and light-weight for being attached to hand tools, small IT assets and other metal objects with a tiny surface to accommodate a tag, but the strengthened structure with the added ability to withstand repeated exposure to very high peak temperatures up to 225°C and challenging thermal shocks expands the range of their applications. Fit 100 High Temperature, Fit 210 High Temperature and Fit 400 High Temperature represent reliable solutions for tracking surgical instruments, medical implants, food returnable containers and other assets that undergo autoclave sterilization, work in process parts that go through paint shop processes and acidic plating in automotive manufacturing, equipment used at high temperatures in the oil and gas industry. Surviving also rubber vulcanization and compression molding, these high temperature small UHF RFID tags for metal are being integrated in tires to enable their effective tracking at any manufacturing stage.

Measuring just 6.8mm x 6.4mm x 2.1mm and weighing 0.8 grams, Fit 100 is a perfect choice for sugical instrument and very small hand tools. Fit 100 can be read from up to 1.1 meters with fixed readers and half a meter with handheld devices.
Fit 200, which measure 13.1mm x 7.1mm x 3.1mm and weighs 1.6 grams, provides read range up to 4 meters and 2 meters with fixed and handheld readers respectively. Fit 200 works very well when placed in a recess in the metal surface.
Fit 210 is 57.1mm x 5.95mm x 1.3mm and with its narrow and extremely thin form factor is well suited for hand tools such as wrenches and ratchet tools, containers and other assets that offer a longer surface to host a tag. The read distance of Fit 210 achieves 2 meters with fixed readers and 1 meters with handheld interrogators.

These high temperature small UHF RFID tags for metal can be delivered with adhesive film on their back to facilitate the positioning on the asset surface, but use permanent liquid adhesive is strongly recommended to ensure secure bonding during high temperature processes. Like the standard Fit tags, also the Fit High Temperature products can be delivered with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas.

Omni-ID shared the recording of the webinar held to present their new small high temperature UHF RFID tags and answers questions coming from their customers. Watch it by clicking on the picture below.

Please contact Omni-ID for additional details on these high temperature small UHF RFID tags for metal assets. If interested in RFID tags for other applications, do try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at, also for suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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Xerafy Xplorer, UHF RFID tag specifically designed for tracking drill pipes and other metal assets in the oil & gas industry

RFID tags drill pipes trackingRecently, Xerafy released Xplorer, a UHF RFID tag specifically conceived for drill pipes tracking. Designed while working closely with oil and gas service companies, this extremely rugged RFID tag allows accurate tracking of down-hole and surface drill pipes, sub-sea oil pipes, blowout preventers (BOPs), wellheads and other metal assets used in the harshest conditions of the oil and gas industry.

UHF RFID tag drill pipes tracking


Xplorer can be quickly and securely snapped in a circular hole with diameter of 28mm drilled in the pipe surface to accompany the asset along its whole life. The new Xerafy product leverages the advantages of the UHF RFID technology and emphasize them through an innovative RF design to offers high data rate combined with read range up to 1.5 meters when flush-mounted in metal. This results in easy and fast asset identification also in difficult conditions, for instance with low luminosity and presence of dirt, and effective retrieval of data about technical specifications, maintenance history and usage information of any tagged asset. This UHF RFID tag drill pipes tracking has been validated by tests simulating simultaneous high temperature and high pressure. Its rugged encasement, which is made of stainless steel 304 and a special polymer by Victrex, is rated IP69K and withstands very long exposure to high temperatures up to 250°C, high pressure up to 30000 psi, strong vibrations and shocks, sand blast processes, all kinds of corrosive chemicals typical of oil wells’ drilling operations, including hydrogen sulphide (H²S). The tag is ATEX certified for being safely used in hazardous environments. Xplorer features the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip and can be delivered pre-encoded and laser engraved. The product is available in 902-928 MHz and 865-868 MHz versions.


Please contact Xerafy for additional details on this UHF RFID tag drill pipes tracking. If interested in RFID tags for other applications, do try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at, also for suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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HID Global expanded its SlimFlex™ family of flexible RFID tags for industrial asset tracking

RFID tags for industrial asset tracking.

HID Global added two new UHF models to its SlimFlex™ family of flexible RFID tags for industrial asset tracking. The new models, SlimFlex™ Tag Mini and SlimFlex™ Seal Tag Mini, inherit the same appreciated technology of the previously released products, but have smaller dimensions to target smaller assets, without forgoing very good read ranges.

Flexible RFID tags for industrial asset tracking

SlimFlex Tag Mini

Small tamper-evident RFID seal for industrial containers

SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini

Like SlimFlex Tag StandardSlimFlex Tag 200 and SlimFlex Tag 301, SlimFlex Tag 200 HF, SlimFlex Tag Mini has a flexible structure that allows it to adhere to both flat and curved industrial assets. The tag can be fixed with industrial grade adhesive, screws, cable ties or bends. Mounted vertical to the surface by means of a cable tie, it can be used also on metal assets. Measuring 65mm x 12mm x 2mm and providing read range up to 5 meters, this Flexible RFID tags for industrial asset tracking is well suited for small pipes, beverage kegs, gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, hoses, cables, trees and other cylindrical objects.

SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini joins SlimFlex Seal Tag and SlimFlex Seal Tag HF, durable and versatile RFID tags specifically designed to track industrial containers while protecting their content. In fact, SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini is a UHF RFID tag with an integrated cable tie that makes the tag installation fast and allows easy tamper detection since it cannot be reused once broken. Despite the small dimensions of 60mm x 12mm x 2mm, this small tamper-evident RFID seal for industrial containers provides read range up to 5 meters in worldwide operations. The tag is a great solution for sealing containers such as industrial bags, reusable shipping vessels, cartons and canisters, hazardous waste receptacles.

Like all the models of the SlimFlex family, SlimFlex Tag Mini and SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini feature a durable ThermoPlastic Elastomer construction that survives harsh industrial and outdoor environments, aggressive chemical, prolonged immersion and exposure to UV rays.
SlimFlex Tag Mini and SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini come in white as standard color, but can be supplied in alternate colors upon special request. The other customization services include logo embossing and laser-engraving of barcodes, numbering, text and logo.
Both the tag models leverage the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip.

The HID Global SlimFlex product range include also SlimFlex Tag Square and SlimFlex Tag Laundry.

Please contact HID Global for additional information on their flexible RFID tags for industrial asset tracking. Looking for other kinds of RFID tags? Please try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at, also for suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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RTEC unveiled the Boson, extremely small on-metal UHF RFID tag with read range up to 2 meters

Tiny rugged UHF tags metal.

RTEC’s Element Series grows up with the Boson, an extremely small on-metal UHF RFID tag that measures just 5 mm x 5 mm x 3.2 mm and provides read range up to 2 meters.    Continue reading

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Laxcen is offering a variety of new UHF and HF RFID tags

Laxcen UHF HF RFID tags


Lately, Laxcen released several new UHF and HF RFID tags specifically engineered to meet the specific requirements of very different applications. The latest additions to Laxcen’s offering include EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant products. Below a full list.    Continue reading

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HID Global released UHF RFID tags for efficient tracking of linens and garments that undergo frequent washing cycles

UHF RFID tags linens.

HID Global launched the LinTag™ transponders, a family of UHF RFID tags specifically designed for tracking linens and garments in processes that involve very frequent commercial laundry washings.

Continue reading

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Xerafy’s new UHF RFID tag combines a rich set of interesting features to deliver excellent versatility across multiple industries

Low cost small durable UHF RFID tags metalLow cost, high durability, small size and the ability to work well on any surface and at any frequency intended for the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID standard make the Xerafy Slim Trak a very versatile UHF RFID tag solution for a broad range of applications.    Continue reading

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HID Global launched high quality NFC inlays & labels and trusted on-line verification platform

High Security NFC inlays labels.

HID Global entered the market of NFC inlays and labels with high quality products. Moreover, the firm launched Trusted Tag® Services, a combination of special NFC chips and an on-line authentication platform for convenient, secure verification of any individual reading/tapping action to implement a proof of presence.    Continue reading

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Small cable tie UHF RFID tag from The Tag Factory allows easy RFID tracking of cylindrical assets of different sizes

Cable tie UHF RFID tags.

The Tag Factory unveiled the M-Cable Tag, a robust, small cable tie UHF RFID tag conceived to easily tag tubular assets of different sizes and other difficult-to-tag assets.    Continue reading

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