New ISO 15693 compliant industrial RFID tag from HID Global offers 8 kB of high speed, long-life, radiation-resistant user memory

FRAM HF RFID tags from HID Global.

Merging the same high robustness of the other members of HID Global’s IN Tag™ family with the advantages provided by Fujitsu’s Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) technology, the HID Global IN Tag™ 300 8KB is a high performance, high capacity, ISO 15693 compliant RFID tag capable of surviving both harsh industrial environments and heavy-duty exposure to gamma ray and X-ray irradiation.


IN Tag 300 8KB


As Ferroelectric Random Access Memory memory withstands gamma radiation up to 50 kGray, and provides up to 33,000 times faster write cycles and 10^7 times bigger read/write endurance than conventional EEPROM memories, the HID Global IN Tag™ 300 8KB, which leverages the Fujitsu MB89R112 chip with 8 kB of FRAM, is the answer to the needs of specific demanding applications where tagged assets must undergo repeated radiation and sterilization processes, and tag memory has to be large and be accessed many times at high speed. Small in size with a diameter of 30 millimeters and thickness of 3 millimeters, and tuned for non-metallic surfaces, this FRAM HF RFID tag can be mounted on or embedded in virtually any object for tracking, inventory, automation purposes in healthcare environments, food production, manufacture lines, nuclear plants. The robust encasement is rated both IP68 and IP69K and survives strong impacts, high temperature and high pressure, exposure to a wide range of corrosive chemical agents. The IN Tag 300 8KB is also ATEX certified and can be delivered with custom embossed or printed logo upon request.

For more details on this FRAM HF RFID tag, please contact HID Global. Additional info is available also through our RFID Tag Search Engine. Contact us at if you need help with the selection of RFID tags or suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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LAB ID presented a new small round NFC inlay optimized for being read with any NFC-enabled smartphone

Small round NFC inlay from LAB ID.

Leveraging its great experience in HF inlay design, LAB ID created a new small round NFC inlay optimized to get the best from the latest NFC chips from NXP and provide top performance when used with any NFC-enabled smartphone.

Small round NFC inlay


With a diameter of just 18 millimeters, the IN610B is an excellent choice for smart posters, peer-to-peer communication, smart advertising, brand protection and authentication purposes in general, access control and ticketing, loyalty program management and many other NFC applications that require a reliable, small round NFC inlay. The product is available with the NXP NTAG210 and NTAG212 chips that are NFC Forum Tag Type 2 compliant and provide 384 and 1024 bits of re-writable user memory respectively, besides 32-bit password protection and other enhanced security features. Additionally, the IN610B is offered also with MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (both the MF0UL11 and MF0UL21 versions) and several other chip options. The IN610B can be delivered in dry inlay or wet inlay formats, or converted in paper, PP or PET finished labels. Customization services include also pre-programming and printed with variable data.

Please contact LAB ID to know more on this high performance, small round NFC inlay. Try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at if you need suggestions on RFID tags or complete RFID solutions.

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MAGUS (Pty) Ltd and Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) announced the release of Antenna Magus version 5.0

Antenna Magus 5.0 releaseMAGUS (Pty) Ltd and our partner Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) recently announced the release of Antenna Magus version 5.0, an advanced tool that helps engineers deliver antenna design projects faster and more effectively. The major new release extends the antenna database to a total of 250, incorporates a number of improvements and also introduces new features such as Smart Design, value extraction in the Chart Tracer Tool, and a Specification Library. Antenna Magus Version 5.0 is immediately available. For more information, please visit or contact us at

Antenna Magus 5

Antenna Magus 5 – Getting started menu

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New Confidex Survivor™ tags provide excellent durability and extreme read range in a compact size

Rugged long range RFID tags ConfidexDesigned to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in logistics, construction and transportation, the new Survivor™ and Survivor B™ provide excellent durability combined with outstanding read ranges on all surfaces, despite their compact size of 155 mm by 26 mm by 14.5 mm.

Rugged long range passive RFID tags


Rugged long range RFID tags

Survivor B™

The new Survivor™ is a passive tag that delivers read range up to 18 meters on metal and 16 meters on non-metallic assets. The Survivor B™, the Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) version of the same tag, is engineered to offers even longer read range that compete with those of many active tags at a significantly lower cost. In fact, thanks to Confidex‘ BOOST™ technology, the  Survivor B™ exhibits read range of 60 meters regardless of the surface and high read accuracy in challenging environments for passive tags, as those with high presence of metal and, above all, liquids. The Survivor™ leverages the Impinj Monza 4QT chip with 128 bits of EPC memory, a 48-bit unique serialized number and 512 bits of user memory. Also the Impinj Monza 4E with 496-bit EPC memory, a serialized 48-bit TID and 128 bits of additional user-programmable memory is available upon special customer request. The Survivor B™ uses the EM Microelectronic EM4325 chip that offers up to 352 bits of EPC memory, a 48-bit serialized number and 3072 bits of additional user memory that make it compliant with the Air Transport Association (ATA) Spec2000 Low Memory Tag format. These rugged long range RFID tags can be mounted with industrial adhesive, screws or cable ties. Their IP68 encasement is made of high quality engineering plastics that protect the internal electronics from mechanical stresses, prolonged immersion, weather agents and corrosive chemicals such as motor oil, salt water, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. The new Survivor™ tags are high-end solutions for tracking and managing heavy machinery, returnable containers and construction materials in yards; cargos, railway wagons and shipping containers in transportation; containers and assets in indoor and outdoor industrial applications in general. All the product versions are available in two frequency versions, 865-868 MHz and 902-928 MHz to provide top performance in each world region. Survivor™ and Survivor B™ can be delivered with a variety of customization services, including pre-programming, additional printed label, laser engraving.

For additional details on these rugged long range RFID tags, please contact Confidex. Do try our RFID Tag Search Engine to find the best RFID tags for your needs and feel free to contact us at for suggestions on tags and complete RFID solutions.

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Farsens presented Shadow, passive RFID tag for measuring light intensity

Passive RFID tag with light sensor.

The new addition to Farsens‘ range of passive RFID sensor tags is Shadow, a passive RFID tag that leverages a built-in photoresistor, or Light Dependent Resistors (LDR), to measure the intensity of light hitting the tagged object.   Continue reading

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RFcamp unveiled autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags for all surfaces

RFcamp autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tagsRFcamp added two autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags to its popular Titan Tag series of rugged, high performance products. Titan General AC and Titan Smallest AC — AC stands for autoclave — have the same excellent read performance and the same rugged construction of the non-AC versions, but feature a special ink coating that provides the protection to survive repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.   Continue reading

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UH101 and UH107, enhanced UHF RFID inlays for logistics from LAB ID

UHF RFID tags for logistics.

These new UHF RFID inlays for logistics, featuring the NXP UCODE 7 and Microelectronic EM4124 and EM4126 chips, have been designed by LAB ID to provide even better read performance than previous models.   Continue reading

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Convergence Systems Limited launched UHF RFID temperature logger for cold chain monitoring applications

CSL UHF RFID temperature logger.


Recently, Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) unveiled a UHF RFID temperature logger aimed at offering a reliable solution for the most demanding cold chain monitoring applications.   Continue reading

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Farsens offers an easy way to develop custom EPC Gen 2 RFID sensors

Passive RFID ohmmeter


Farsens released R-Meter, passive RFID ohmmeter designed to allow other companies to develop custom EPC Gen 2 RFID sensors based on any resistance-dependant transducers that meet their specific application requirements at best.   Continue reading

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HID Global released a durable tamper-evident RFID seal for industrial containers

HID tamper-evident RFID seal.

HID Global’s new product, SlimFlex™ Seal Tag, is a durable tamper-evident RFID seal designed to track industrial containers while protecting their content.   Continue reading

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