• Small round tags for NFC applications Avery Dennison is offering AD-721 and AD-740, small tags for NFC applications

    Avery Dennison is offering small tags with NTAG213 and Ultralight EV1 (MF0UL11) chips to meet the requirements of different NFC applications. Continue reading

  • Avery-Dennison-AD-226iM-b Avery Dennison’s AD-226iM UHF inlay uses the NXP UCODE G2iM chip to provide high read sensitivity and large EPC and user memory

    Avery Dennison’s AD-226iM RFID inlays offers high read sensitivity and large EPC and user memory. Continue reading

  • Avery-Dennison-AD-806u7-b Avery Dennison AD-172u7 and AD-806u7, small high performance UHF inlays for retail and healthcare applications

    Avery Dennison unveiled new UHF inlays for retail and healthcare applications that require very small RFID tags. Continue reading


    Avery Dennison

    Avery Dennison RFID
    29485 Highway 76 East
    Clinton, South Carolina, USA
    866-903-RFID (7343) (Toll free USA)
    email: rfid.info@averydennison.com


    ABOUT Avery Dennison

    Avery Dennison is a global materials science and specialized technology company that creates products and solutions to enhance brands, improve consumer product performance, and deliver innovative information by designing, developing and manufacturing:
    - Branding materials for consumer and functional product labeling and packaging
    - Apparel and footwear labeling design, high definition graphic
    embellishments, sustainable packaging, price ticketing, and RFID-enabled inventory solutions
    - Information management materials, products and solutions
    - Graphic imaging media
    - Specialized adhesives, coatings, films and RFID technologies

    Why Choose Us?

    Experience. Support. Solutions.

    When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get:
    - Field-proven inlay products
    - A partner with a deep understanding of what it takes to make your application successful.

    When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get the benefit of our relationships with best-in-class chip and reader manufacturers, label and tag converters and systems integrators across the globe to support even the most challenging of RFID projects.
    When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get solutions to application challenges such as materials, environments and packaging.[read more]

    Every day the experts at Avery Dennison RFID enable improvements in tracking, authentication, access and data capture applications such as:
    - Supply chain, inventory and logistics
    - Pharmaceutical and healthcare
    - Library, media, documents and files
    - Contactless cards and tickets
    - Industrial and manufacturing
    - Brand protection and product authentication
    - Apparel and other item-level retail

    And new applications emerge every day. One could be yours. [collapse]

    Avery Dennison RFID TAGS

    Avery Dennison AD-160u7 - Dry inlay (RF600529)Avery Dennison AD-160u7 - Label (100286)Avery Dennison AD-171m5 - Dry inlay (600385)Avery Dennison AD-171m5 - Wet inlay (600386)Avery Dennison AD-172u7 - Dry inlay (600482)Avery Dennison AD-172u7 - Wet inlay (RF600526)Avery Dennison AD-180u7 - SmartFace Label (100311)Avery Dennison AD-226iM - Dry inlay (600483)Avery Dennison AD-226iM - Wet inlay (600456)Avery Dennison AD-227m5 - Dry inlay (600366/600367/600375)Avery Dennison AD-227m5 - Wet inlay (600368)Avery Dennison AD-233m5 - Dry inlay (600372/600373/600388)Avery Dennison AD-233m5 - Wet inlay (600374)Avery Dennison AD-236u7 - SmartFace Label (100292)Avery Dennison AD-318m5 - Dry inlay (600423)Avery Dennison AD-318m5 - Wet inlay (600424)Avery Dennison AD-319eM - Dry inlayAvery Dennison AD-320u7 - Paper Label - ETSI (RF100325 ETSI)Avery Dennison AD-320u7 - Paper Label - FCC (RF100307 FCC)Avery Dennison AD-320u7 - Wet Inlay - FCC (RF600729 FCC)Avery Dennison AD-370u7 - Dry inlay (600425)Avery Dennison AD-370u7 - Wet inlay (600544)Avery Dennison AD-381m5 - Dry inlay (600349)Avery Dennison AD-381m5 - Wet inlay (600351)Avery Dennison AD-383u7 - Dry inlay (600527)Avery Dennison AD-383u7 - Wet inlay (600465)Avery Dennison AD-550m5 - Dry inlay (600381)Avery Dennison AD-550m5 - Wet inlay (600382)Avery Dennison AD-709x - Dry inlay (700037)Avery Dennison AD-709x - Wet inlay (700038)Avery Dennison AD-714x - Dry inlay (700039)Avery Dennison AD-714x - Wet inlay (700040)Avery Dennison AD-721 - Dry inlay (RF700069)Avery Dennison AD-721 - Label (RF750027)Avery Dennison AD-721 - Wet inlay (RF700070)Avery Dennison AD-730x - Dry inlay (700047)Avery Dennison AD-730x - Wet inlay (700048)Avery Dennison AD-740 - Dry inlay (RF700071)Avery Dennison AD-740 - Label (RF750028)Avery Dennison AD-740 - Wet inlay (RF700072)Avery Dennison AD-806u7 - Dry inlay (600450)Avery Dennison AD-806u7 - Wet inlay (600451)