RFcamp released Titan Inch SQ HT, low-cost on-metal UHF RFID tag for high temperature applications

High temperature on-metal RFID tags RFcamp .

RFcamp unveiled Titan Inch SQ HT, an on-metal UHF RFID tag specifically designed to withstand high temperature over 200°C for prolonged time and allow large RFID deployments thanks to its low cost.   

High temperature on-metal UHF RFID tag low cost

Titan Inch SQ HT

The Titan Inch SQ HT endures 5 hours at 230°C and even higher temperature for shorter time, for instance 250°C for 1 hour. The product withstands also repeated thermal cycles from 20°C to 200°C. Moreover, the Titan Inch SQ HT is rated IP68 against ingress of dust and liquids and survives challenging mechanical stresses and immersion in aggressive chemicals such as sodium hydroxide (10%, pH13) and sulfuric acid (10%, pH2). Despite its small footprint of just 26 mm x 26 mm x 2.5 mm, this high temperature on-metal UHF RFID tag can be read from up to 2.5 meters with fixed readers and up to 1.5 meters when interrogated with handheld devices. The product shows high orientation insensitivity and consistent readings when fixed with stainless screws. Thanks to its excellent durability and performance combined with its low cost, the Titan Inch SQ HT is suitable for large-volume tracking of metallic parts in paint lines and many other industrial applications that involve very high temperature. The product is available in two different frequency versions, 865-868 MHz for use in Europe, India, South Africa and Middle East, and 902-928 MHz for Americas, China, Japan.

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