• RFcamp-Titan-Inch-SQ-HT-b RFcamp released Titan Inch SQ HT, low-cost on-metal UHF RFID tag for high temperature applications

    RFCamp released Titan Inch SQ HT, a high-temperature on-metal UHF RFID tag offered at low cost to allow large RFID deployments. Continue reading

  • RFcamp-Titan-Strip-b Titan Strip, rugged on-metal UHF RFID tag designed to fit narrow surfaces

    RFcamp Titan Strip, rugged on-metal UHF RFID tag that designed to fit very narrow surfaces, offering good read range and installation versatility at the same time. Continue reading

  • RFcamp-Titan-4KB-5M-b RFcamp launched Titan 4KB 5M, FRAM-based UHF RFID tag for asset tracking in nuclear power plants

    RFcamp launched Titan 4KB 5M, FRAM-memory UHF FRAM RFID tag designed to offer long read range and 4 kB of radiation-resistant memory. Continue reading



    B806-1, 383 Simindaero
    Dongan, Anyang 431804
    TEL: +82.2.593.8808
    General inquiries: company@rfcamp.com


    ABOUT RFcamp

    RFCamp is simply passive tag maker, located in Seoul, Korea. With branded Titan tags, RFCamp has focused on UHF band specialty tag applied on metal under harsh environmental stress such as temperature, water, chemicals and mechanical pressures, since established in year of 2004.

    RFCamp has pioneered in Korean market with occupying +50% market share in Korea for 9 consecutive years and has released and exported + 20 kinds of Titan tags to + 30 countries all over the world. Invested by top-tier venture capitals including SAMSUNG Ventures, RFCamp is purely engineering team composed of antenna designers, chip bonding engineers, materials specialists and quality controllers.

    RFCamp has made all efforts to minimize 4 factors – Tolerance, processes, materials and lead time. As processes and materials get more complicated and various, tolerance cannot be controlled and robustness cannot be obtained. With simpler processes and materials, read performance of tags can be more consistent not only tag by tag, but by time lapses. In order to obtain simpler processes and materials, RFCamp has been spent much more on materials than any other competitor.

    For 9 years up to now, RFCamp has produced and supplied 20 million tags to more than 500 RFID projects. From these experiences, RFCamp has earned not only revenues for positive operating margins for recent 5 years, but also earned invaluable lessons on how to customize and to service tags for satisfying each projects. RFCamp knows how to make tags and how to service tags as well.

    With stable management and solid teamwork-ship, RFCamp will serve clients with [read more] reliable and consistent tags for next 10 years, as has done for 9 years since 2004. Only quality can pay! [collapse]

    RFcamp RFID TAGS

    RFcamp Laundry TagRFcamp Titan 4KB 5M (EU)RFcamp Titan 4KB 5M (US)RFcamp Titan Basic - ETSIRFcamp Titan Basic - FCCRFcamp Titan Basic - JPNRFcamp Titan Basic MAG (SmCo 26) - ETSIRFcamp Titan Basic MAG (SmCo 26) - FCCRFcamp Titan Basic MAG - ETSIRFcamp Titan Basic MAG - FCCRFcamp Titan BiscuitRFcamp Titan Blade - ETSIRFcamp Titan Blade - FCCRFcamp Titan Fastener - ETSIRFcamp Titan Fastener - FCCRFcamp Titan Fastener - JPNRFcamp Titan Fastener TK (EU)RFcamp Titan Fastener TK (US)RFcamp Titan General - ETSIRFcamp Titan General - FCCRFcamp Titan General - JPNRFcamp Titan General AC - ETSIRFcamp Titan General AC - FCCRFcamp Titan General MAG (SmCo 26) - ETSIRFcamp Titan General MAG (SmCo 26) - FCCRFcamp Titan General MAG - ETSIRFcamp Titan General MAG - FCCRFcamp Titan General TN - ETSIRFcamp Titan General TN - FCCRFcamp Titan General TN - JPNRFcamp Titan Inch - ETSIRFcamp Titan Inch - FCCRFcamp Titan Inch - JPNRFcamp Titan Inch SQ - ETSIRFcamp Titan Inch SQ - FCCRFcamp Titan Inch SQ HT - ETSIRFcamp Titan Inch SQ HT - FCCRFcamp Titan Inch TN - ETSIRFcamp Titan Inch TN - FCCRFcamp Titan Nail - ETSIRFcamp Titan Nail - FCCRFcamp Titan PalletRFcamp Titan Secure - ETSIRFcamp Titan Secure - FCCRFcamp Titan Smallest - ETSIRFcamp Titan Smallest - FCCRFcamp Titan Smallest - JPNRFcamp Titan Smallest AC - ETSIRFcamp Titan Smallest AC - FCCRFcamp Titan Smallest MAG (SmCo 26) - ETSIRFcamp Titan Smallest MAG (SmCo 26) - FCCRFcamp Titan Smallest MAG - ETSIRFcamp Titan Smallest MAG - FCCRFcamp Titan Smallest NMRFcamp Titan SpiralRFcamp Titan Strip (EU)RFcamp Titan Strip (US)