Small UHF RFID tags from RTEC allow metal part tracking in paint shop processes and other high temperature applications

RTEC high temperature on metal UHF RFID tags
RTEC released two new high temperature UHF RFID tags for metal part tracking. The new models, named SteelCode and SteelMini, have been engineered to provide long read range combined with the capability to survive the rigors of paint shops in automotive manufacturing and other challenging industrial processes.

High temperature UHF RFID tags metal part tracking


High temperature on-metal UHF RFID tags


SteelCode measures 38mm x 13mm x 7mm, features 3.4mm holes for screw mounting, offers read range up to 6 meters and can withstand temperature up to 250°C.
With dimensions of just 13mm x 8mm x 5.1mm, SteelMini delivers remarkable  read range for such small footprint, up to 2.8 meters, and reliable endurance to temperature up to 150°C.
Besides resistance to prolonged exposure to very high heat, both these on-metal UHF RFID tags come with IP68 protection and survive exposure to corrosive chemicals. Furthermore, they are suitable also for tracking metal assets that have to repeatedly undergo autoclave sterilization.
SteelCode and SteelMini leverages the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip and are available in different frequency versions specifically tuned to provide the best reading performance.
Upon request, the products can be delivered in different colors, pre-encoded, marked with text, numbering and logo. Also ATEX/IECEx certifications is offered upon special request.

Please contact RTEC for additional details on their high temperature UHF RFID tags for metal part tracking. Are you seeking other types of RFID tags? Do try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at, also for suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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