• Nedap-Identifcation-Systems-Window-Tag-Ultimate-b Nedap Identification Systems unveiled a new driver-activated high-security RFID tag for vehicle identification

    Nedap Identification Systems released Window Tag Ultimate, new driver-activated high-security RFID tag for vehicle identification. Continue reading

  • Nedap-Identification-Systems-Compact-Tag-b Nedap Identification Systems Compact Tag, a cost-efficient, reliable solution for identification of drivers, personnel in buildings

    Nedap Identification Systems’ Compact tag is a reliable, cost-efficient RFID tag for driver identification and personnel tracking. Continue reading

  • Passive RFID for identification of vehicles and drivers Nedap Identification Systems offers a passive RFID solution for simultaneous identification of vehicles and drivers

    Nedap offers a solution that allows simultaneous identification of vehicles and drivers with passive RFID. Continue reading


    Nedap Identification Systems

    Nedap Identification Systems Headquarters
    PO Box 103, 7140 AC Groenlo, The Netherlands
    Parallelweg 2e, 7141 DC Groenlo, The Netherlands
    Tel +31 544 471 666
    Fax +31 544 464 255


    ABOUT Nedap Identification Systems

    Securing the flow of vehicles and people

    Nedap Identification Systems is the leading expert in superior long range identification of vehicles and drivers. We design, develop and sell solutions related to vehicle identification, driver identification, parking access, vehicle detection, vehicle gate management and handsfree building access.
    Our readers, sensors and controllers are installed all over the world in a variety of applications. These innovative systems guarantee the speedy flow of vehicles and people at airports, parking facilities, industrial estates, taxi stands, in office buildings and numerous other installations.

    Solutions overview

    Nedap Identification Systems is active in a wide area of market segments such as: airports, railway, transport, parking, petrochemical, traffic and security. All these segments require highly innovative solutions meeting their challenging demands to control vehicle or driver activity. Our dedication to and expertise in the market makes our ability to keep up with the pace of change in mobility.
    We design, develop and sell solutions related vehicle identification, driver identification, parking access, vehicle detection, vehicle gate management and hands-free building access.[read more]

    Vehicle and driver identification

    The existing access credential is applied for long range driver identification ensuring a vehicle can never get access unless driven by an authorized driver. Vehicle and driver are identified simultaneously, allowing monitor and control of flexible driver and vehicle situations. Nedap has led the development in this area for the last decade. With our offering of in-vehicle booster devices, which can read and boost standard access credentials up to distances of 33 ft [10 m] at speeds up to 125 mph [200 km/h]. The Booster 2G offers easy front end integration by using a common building access credential. Supported card technologies are HID Prox and iClass, Legic, Mifare (Desfire), EM, Calypso and Nedap.

    Hands-free building access

    Nedap’s handsfree access solution represents the latest in technology for secure handsfree doors access and other RFID applications. The system combines the convenience of traditional door automation with the security of restricted access. A perfect fit to any door or vehicle gate environment where handsfree access is required.

    - Applications for handsfree access include:
    - building access
    - disabled access points
    - secure warehouse facilities
    - gated vehicle access
    - emergency rooms

    Wireless Vehicle detection

    Real-time occupancy information on individual vehicle parking spaces is no longer rocket science. Trough the wireless space count system occupancy information can be retrieved and be used to guide traffic to free parking spaces, on-street parking enforcement & overstay detection.

    For on-street enforcement the number and duration of occupied parking spaces can be compared with the payments realized by the pay station. And for overstay vehicle detection the system alerts instantly a parking officer to the presence of nearby overstaying vehicles. Based on this information you can exactly determine when and where to enforce. The wireless space count system makes this all possible.

    The wireless space count system is a wireless network of surface mounted sensors (modes) designed to recognize vehicle presence within an individual parking spaces. The SENSIT Nodes communicate wirelessly, in a daisy chain fashion and can return to the parking management system, a comprehensive, real time count of an entire parking facility. Such accurate and timely information allows for laser accurate enforcement performance and near foolproof revenue collection making your operation both more effective and more profitable.

    Vehicle gate management

    The Vehicle Management Controller (VMC) is a complete system, which can manage and control an entire vehicle gate and all related equipment. The Vehicle Management Controller identifies the vehicle, provide access and controls the gate according to all safety and security regulations.

    The Vehicle Management Controller has full integrated access control functionality and supports multiple identification technologies simultaneously. Flexible authorization structures are available to allow tailored access for each user to every situation, such as:

    - urban access
    - business parks
    - gated communities and condominiums
    - perimeter security

    Understand local markets

    Nedap Identification Systems demonstrates market leadership through a close network of offices and leading business partners and integrators worldwide. We understand local markets. That is how we established an impressive track record of installations worldwide and differentiation in many industries. Besides The Netherlands, we have offices in Italy, United States, Dubai and Singapore.

    Nedap N.V. - Technology that matters

    Nedap Identification Systems is part of Nedap N.V. a stock-listed company founded in 1929 and based in Groenlo in the Netherlands. Nedap N.V. is market leader in cutting-edge RFID technology with solutions used in a variety of markets worldwide.

    Nedap is characterized by development and entrepreneurship and its own responsibility oriented open, innovative and creative culture. The company focuses on developing and supplying innovative and sustainable technological solutions in many different activities such as retail, security management, agriculture, library solutions, healthcare, power supplies and vehicle identification.

    The Company has approximately 700 employees located internationally.  Nedap N.V. is quoted on the Stock Exchange (Euronext) Amsterdam. Nedap as an organization is innovative and enterprising.
    Over the last seventy years Nedap's success has been built on our co-operation with our partners and clients, allowing us to build on our expertise in RFID and electronics. Our RFID systems can be applied to a range of different market sectors giving the end user the ultimate in apparatus for safe and reliable identification.
    At our headquarter in Groenlo, situated in the east of the Netherlands, we have brought together under one roof all the research, development, production and marketing activity, ensuring a fast  response to customer requirements.

    For more information please visit ww.nedapidentification.com and www.nedap.com. [collapse]

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