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Nedap Identification Systems Compact Tag (9891900)

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Nedap Identification Systems Compact Tag 9891900The Nedap Identification Systems Compact Tag (9891900) is a reliable and versatile yet cost-competitive solution for identification of both pedestrians and drivers. The Compact Tag measures 85.5x54x4.9 mm and is offered with a variety of holders for being easily placed on the vehicle windshield or worn at user's neck. The product has specific features to provide excellent read performance even in challenging situations. It is powered by a long-life battery that allows reliable reads also when used for driver identification purposes with the vehicle proceeding at high speed, or when used in close proximity of liquids, for instance close to human body. Furthermore, thanks to its bi-faced antenna design, the tag delivers 360-degrees readability. The read range achieves 7 meters in case of use in combination with Nedap's TRANSIT Standard or Extended readers, and 4 meters with TRANSIT Entry devices. The Compact Tag is a read-only tag and is factory-programmed with a specific security code and a unique tag ID number. The product part number, the tag ID number and the date of manufacture are laser etched onto the back side of the tag. The product is also compatible with Nedap's proprietary 120 kHz technology and, optionally, with the EM4102 technology for short-range identification.