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Nedap Identification Systems Heavy Duty Tag ISO

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Nedap Identification Systems Heavy Duty Tag ISOThe Nedap Identification Systems Heavy Duty Tag ISO is a durable, weatherproof RFID tag designed to provide long read range up to 10 meters and perform reliably in harsh environments. The device is watertight, stable to high temperature and UV rays, and shows excellent resistance to shock, vibration and chemicals typical of automotive industry. Designed for mounting on the exterior of the vehicle, also on metallic parts without performance degradation, the device offers tamperproof attachment by means of bolts, screws or rivets. The Heavy Duty Tag ISO is ideally suited for identification of trucks, trailers, containers, railway wagons, forklifts, straddle carriers and other industrial vehicles. Compliant with the ISO 10374 standard for RFID for freight containers, the tag fits the corrugated pockets on the side of freight containers where it is automatically protected from strong impact. The product comes with complete ATEX certification for use in potentially explosive environments. This battery-powered tag is primarily designed for use with Nedap Identification Systems TRANSIT Standard readers in order to achieve long read range, but can also be read from short distance with compatible 120 KHz readers, i.e. hand-held devices. The built-in lithium battery has an expected life of 10 years independently of the number of times the tag is read.