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Nedap Identification Systems Window Button (9882650)

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Nedap Identification Systems Window Button 9882650The Nedap Identification Systems Window Button is a battery-powered, long range single ID tag for vehicle identification and access control. The Window Button is largely used in applications where only the vehicle ID is required, i.e. parking access management and gated communities, and provides high security since its unique tag ID numbering is factory programmed and Read/Only. Attached on the interior side of the vehicle windshield through the integrated suction cup, the tag provides excellent performance with read range up to 10 meters. The Window Button is primarily engineered for being used in combination with fixed Nedap Identification Systems readers, but can be read also from short distance with compatible 120 KHz hand-held devices. The built-in lithium battery has an expected life of 10 years independently of the number of times the tag is read, and of the influence of RF fields from other sources. The product is available also with on/off switch button.