HID Global InLine Tag™ Plate, RFID tag for shipping containers and similar assets in harsh industrial environments

UHF RFID tags for shipping containers.

HID Global’s InLine Tag™ Plate is an UHF RFID tag for shipping containers, other industrial containers and machinery. The tag is conceived to perfectly fulfill all the requirements of freight container tracking and asset management applications in harsh environments, at competitive cost. The tag brings together excellent durability, long read range and high contrast when marked.  

RFID tag for shipping containers

InLine Tag Plate

The InLine Tag™ Plate is a UHF RFID tag features a slim profile that fits the corrugated pockets on the side of shipping containers, without forgoing the robustness of the tag structure. It survives rough handling and aggressive chemicals, is fully dust-proof, can be immersed in deep water for long time and tolerates close-range high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning processes (IP69K). The read range of this UHF RFID tag for shipping containers and other industrial assets achieves 6 meters when used on metal and 8 meters on non-metallic surfaces. The standard version is grey for excellent marking contrast, but can be delivered also in other colors upon customer request. The product can be delivered laser-engraved, or embossed, or equipped with appropriate user-printable labels. Mounted by means of screws, nails or industrial adhesives, the InLine Tag™ Plate is a very good choice also for tracking trucks, wagons and trains, for managing returnable containers and work in process parts in manufacturing plants, and for identifying commercial and industrial waste bins. The Impinj Monza 4E chip provides high-end reading/writing performance, 128 bits of EPC memory, a 48-bit serialized number and large 496-bits user memory. InLine Tag™ Plate is available in two regional versions optimized to provide the maximum read range on metal, while the 8-meter off-metal performance is delivered by both versions irrespective of the region where they are used.

Please contact HID Global for additional information about this UHF RFID tag for shipping containers, and other similar assets in industrial environments. Do try the out RFID tag search engine to find the best tags for your projects or contact us at info@veryfields.net for help with the selection of tags or suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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