SAG adds an omni-directional UHF RFID card to its broad product offering

SAG omni-directional UHF RFID cards.


The new addition to SAG’s portfolio is an omni-directional UHF RFID card that leverages the Impinj patented True3D technology supported by the Monza 4QT chip to provide long read range — up to 7 meters — regardless of the its orientation with respect to the reader antenna.  


Omni-directional UHF RFID card



The SAG UHF 3D ISO Card is well suited suitable for a variety of applications, from people identification and hands-free access control, to supply chain management and inventory of goods such as apparel items. Additionally, the durable IP68-rated lamination makes this tag a reliable solution also for pallet tracking and other applications in manufacturing. The customization services for this omni-directional UHF RFID card include various types of printing, magnetic stripe addition and slot punch marking. The Impinj Monza 4QT chip offers 128 bits of EPC memory, a 48-bit unique serialized number, 512 bits of user memory and, besides the True3D technology, a range of other advanced functionalities.


For additional information, please get in touch with SAG and let them know you heard of their omni-directional UHF RFID card from VeryFields. Further details are available also in the VeryFields Database. Contact us at if you need help with the choice of RFID tags for your projects or complete RFID solutions.

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