Titan Tag Magnet Plus, easy to relocate, metal mount RFID tags for high temperatures


RFcamp has released a new series of rugged, metal mount UHF RFID tags, the Titan Tag Magnet Plus.        ...

The RFcamp’s Titan Tag Magnet Plus-S (above) and the Titan Tag Magnet Plus-G (below)

Providing the same strong resistance to chemical agents, high temperatures and mechanical stresses as the other Titan Tags, the Magnet Plus tags feature magnets on their back to be attached and moved from a metal surface to another in a quick and reliable way.
The Titan Tag Magnet Plus series consists of two RFID tags, the Titan Tag Magnet Plus-S and the Titan Tag Magnet Plus-G that differ by size and read range. The Magnet Plus-S is smaller with a footprint of 38×10 mm and a read range of up to 2.5 m. The Magnet Plus-G measures 75×16 mm and provides a read range of 4.5 m. UHF RFID tags compliant with the EPC Gen2 standard, both the Magnet Plus-S and the Magnet Plus-G come in three regional versions for optimized performance and are available with magnets made of different materials in order to resist different temperatures. The Neodymium (ND) magnets are able to withstand temperatures up to 80°C without losing the magnetism, while the magnets made of Cobalt (CO) can resist up to 160°C..

These rugged RFID tags are an ideal solution for a wide range of metal part manufacturing and warehouse management applications where resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and rough handling is needed.

As all the other Titan Tags, these RFID tags can be delivered with water-proof poly-synthetic labels with colors offset printing and also with laser etching for higher resistance of marking in harsh environments.

For detailed information about all these RFID tags, please go to the VeryFields Database.

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