Intermec intros new durable RFID tags for returnable containers and asset tracking

Durable RFID tags for returnable containers

IT76, IT75 and IT36 Low Profile Durable RFID Asset Tags

Intermec is offering three new low profile durable RFID tags for industrial applications: the IT36, IT75 and IT76.

The Intermec IT36 Low Profile Durable RFID Asset Tags are low cost yet durable RFID tags designed to track Reusable Plastic Containers, wooden pallets and other non-metal assets.
The IT36 RFID tags provide high performance globally in accordance with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID standard..

The Intermec IT75 and IT76 Metal-Mount Low Profile Durable RFID Asset Tags are robust and cost efficient RFID hard tags specifically optimized for direct application to metal surfaces.
The IT75 are tuned to provide the best read performance in the FCC frequency band, while the IT76 are optimized forĀ  use in the ETSI frequency band.
The typical applications include tracking of metallic pallets and returnable containers, metallic part management in manufacturing processes and a broad range of other logistic operations in industrial environments.

All these Intermec RFID tags come with Impinj Monza 4QT chip.

Get more details about them from the VeryFields Database.

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