RFind is offering an innovative active RFID solution for quick and cost-efficient implementation of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)



RFind, Canadian provider of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology, is offering an active RFID solution based on the its T100 Asset Tag / RT100 Reference Tag.        ..

The solution allows to easily and quickly implement, and relocate when the need arises, an efficient Real Time Location System for indoor and outdoor applications.

The T100 Asset Tags are used for locating assets in real-time providing read ranges of up to 500 meters. They locate themselves through tag-to-tag communication using X-Y coordinates as compared to a fixed grid of RT100 Reference Tags. The RT100 Reference Tags, that are power supplied by batteries, are installed without any cabling. The location information is sent to a Gateway that can be up to several hundred meters away.  As none of the tags require cabling, either for power or for data transmission, the network is extremely quick to install and also very flexible. It can be modified at any time without extensive work. The RFind’s solution offer a high level of flexibility and is very cost efficient..

The T100 Asset Tag / RT100 Reference Tag has a ruggedized IP68 housing that makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

The batteries have a shelf-life of 5 years and can be easily replaced.
As a low cost option, RFind can accommodate a passive UHF tag on the top of each T100 / RT100 encasement in order to cover close-range hand-held identification when required..

The RFind products are no longer present in the VeryFields RFID Tags Database, but you can use it to find other tags that meet your requirements.

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