Omni-ID is offering enhanced versions of Exo 750 and Adept 400

Omni-ID rugged tags.

As a result of its constant commitment to offering top-level RFID tag solutions, Omni-ID released improved versions of the Adept 400 and Exo 750 that offer now additional features and enhanced performance at reduced costs.  


Thanks to its extremely rugged stainless steel encasement, the Adept 400 is a small UHF RFID tag for metallic assets capable of surviving strong impacts such as repeated strikes with a sledgehammer, sand blast processes, prolonged immersion in deep water, and exposure to aggressive chemicals and high temperature. The new standard version of the Adept 400 features an additional external steel layer that adds even more protection and allows mounting by means of a steel strap, besides welding. As an option, the Adept 400 can be ordered in a version that does not have the additional external layer and can be attached with industrial adhesive or welded. Despite the small sizes of 36 x 25 x 13.5 mm of the version with external layer, and 30 x 25 x 8.2 mm of the version without external layer, the tag provides read range up to 4.5 meters as per the US versions and up to 3 meters as per the EU versions.

Omni-ID Adept 400 rugged tags

Adept 400 with additional external layer

Omni-ID rugged tags

Adept 400 without additional external layer

Omni-ID Exo 750 rugged tags

Exo 750

The Exo 750 combines high durability and small sizes of 51 x 48 x 12.6 mm with outstanding performance on metallic surfaces, across all world’s regions. Read range up to 8 meters with fixed readers and 4 meters with handheld devices, and resistance to prolonged immersion in 3000 meters deep water, corrosive chemicals, impacts and high pressure make this tag a high performance solution for returnable container tracking and a variety of other applications in the automotive, postal, construction and chemical sectors. The new version leverages the Impinj Monza 4QT chip and features an ABS plastic encasement that assures enhanced thermal stability for better adhesion to the tagged asset.


The new versions of the Adept 400 and Exo 750 are also offered at reduced costs and like all the Omni-ID RFID tags can be delivered with ATEX and C1D1 / C1D2 certifications for used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Please contact Omni-ID for additional details on the new Adept 400 and Exo 750. More information on these rugged Omni-ID RFID tags is also available in the VeryFields Database. Contact us at if you need help with the choice of RFID tags or complete RFID solutions.

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