Farsens released a passive RFID magnetometer

Farsens passive RFID magnetometers.

Farsens added Magneto, passive RFID magnetometer, to its rich portfolio of passive RFID sensors compliant with the Gen 2 RFID standard.


Passive RFID magnetometer


Magneto is able to measure the surrounding magnetic field strength and transmit the data along with its 96-bit EPC tag identifier to any RFID reader compliant with the EPC Gen 2 standard, without the need for a battery. For this reason the product is an excellent choice for situations where periodic battery replacement could represent a problem or where the use of batteries is not recommended. Featuring a magnetometer that allows to measure magnetic field strength values that range from ±4 gauss to ±16 gauss, with a sensitivity of 146 microgauss (per ±4 gauss range), Magneto is being used for magnetic field measurement in sensitive industrial process automation, rust monitoring in piping systems, a variety of security and military applications. This passive RFID magnetometer comes as standard in a non-protected PCB format for custom encapsulation or embedding in non-metallic assets and materials. Upon request, Farsens can deliver the tag with customized encasement to meet any requirement in terms of mounting options and durability, including IP68 protection. Magneto is optimized to perform best in the 865-868 MHz frequency band with read range up to 1.5 meters, but Farsens can provide other antenna designs optimized for specific applications and other UHF frequency bands.

Please contact Farsens for additional information on their passive RFID magnetometer. Need help with the choice of RFID tags for your projects? Do try our RFID tag search engine or contact us at info@veryfields.net.

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