Avery Dennison launched robust, high performing RFID inlays with EM Microelectronic EM4124 chip

Avery-Dennison-RFID-logoThe new Avery Dennison UHF inlays — AD-234eM, AD-319eM and AD-382eM — leverage the high read sensitivity and the enhanced durability against manhandling provided by the EM Microelectronic EM4124 chip to offer excellent performance and reliability in global apparel supply chain and other demanding RFID applications.  

RFID inlays with EM4124

AD-234eM, AD-319eM and AD-382eM (from top to bottom)


Primarily designed for being embedded in printed fabric labels or sewn into garments at the point-of-manufacture, these new RFID inlays with EM4124 chip allow to track apparel items along the whole supply chain with excellent results in terms of inventory accuracy and loss prevention. Compact sizes, excellent read performance and high durability make Avery Dennison’s AD-234eM, AD-319eM and AD-382eM well suited not only for uses in retail, but also for a wide range of other logistics applications. With a compact form factor that measures 70.5 x 14 mm, AD-234eM fits common apparel labels and is suggested for logistics applications that require longer read range. AD-319eM and AD-382eM have very small sizes and are well suited for item-level applications where many tags are close to each other. AD-319eM offers excellent performance despite measuring just 41.4 x 16 mm, especially at ETSI frequencies. AD-382eM exhibits low orientation sensitivity and good read range in a 50.1 x 30 mm footprint. The EM Microelectronic EM4124 chip features 96 bits of EPC memory and a 32-bit unique and unalterable serial number to prevent cloning.



Please ask Avery Dennison for more information about these RFID inlays with EM4124 chip, or access the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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