What is RFID and what are the major parts of an RFID system?


What is RFID and what are the major parts of an RFID system?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID uses radio waves to identify objects univocally and track their movement in a virtually infinite variety of applications: supply chain and warehouse management, transportation and shipments, retail applications, pharmaceutical, jewellery and other high-value item tagging, access control and ticketing, IT and health care asset tracking, library and media management, baggage handling, work-in-progress and asset management in many of verticals such as the automotive, maritime, aerospace, and petrochemical industries as well as many others.

A basic RFID system consists of three major parts:

  • RFID tags that are attached to the objects to be identified.

  • Fixed or hand-held RFID readers that read tags and send data to the IT system.

  • An IT system capable of collecting, storing and elaborating on the data sent by the readers.

Tags along with their features are likely the part that mainly characterizes an RFID system.

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