LF (Low Frequency)


LF (Low Frequency) RFID Standards and Frequencies

In the LF (Low Frequency) band, we have passive RFID tags that work at around 125 kHz and 134 kHz according to the principles of magnetic coupling.

LF RFID tags – Common advantages :
– They are used all around the world without frequency differences.
– They work well in close proximity to liquids and metals.

LF RFID tags – Common disadvantages:
– Very short read range (a few centimeters) that limits their use in several applications.
– Limited quantity of memory and often read-only.
– No multiple readings.
– Higher production costs in comparison to HF and UHF passive RFID tags.

LF RFID tags – Common applications:
– Animal tracking.
– Access control.
– Integration into car key-fob.
– Applications in environments with a high presence of liquids and metals.

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