Farsens offers an easy way to develop custom EPC Gen 2 RFID sensors

Passive RFID ohmmeter


Farsens released R-Meter, passive RFID ohmmeter designed to allow other companies to develop custom EPC Gen 2 RFID sensors based on any resistance-dependant transducers that meet their specific application requirements at best.  

Develop custom EPC Gen 2 RFID sensors


R-Meter works as an interface between any resistance-dependant sensor without wireless transmission and any EPC Gen 2 RFID reader, making it possible to retrieve the measured resistance values along with the associated unique tag ID. The product can be used in combination with resistance-dependant transducers as thermistors, LDRs, soil moisture sensors or strain gages and get them work battery-free. The measurable resistance values range from 10 ohms to 10 megaohms, with accuracy of ±3% from 100 ohms to 500 kiloohms and of ±7% out of this range. R-Meter can be embedded in non-metallic materials and can be delivered with fully customized encasements to meet any requirement in terms of durability and mounting options. R-Meter can work without batteries with typical read range of 1.5 meters, though can operate also in battery-assisted mode with extended read range. The tag is available in various versions with different directivity.

To know more on this passive RFID ohmmeter, please get in touch with Farsens or access our RFID tag database. You can also contact us at info@veryfields.net if you need suggestion on specific RFID tags or complete RFID solutions.

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