RFcamp launches the Titan Inch SQ, very small and rugged UHF tag with high orientation insensitivity

RFcamp small rugged UHF RFID tags.

Member of the Titan Tag series of extremely rugged RFID tags for industrial applications, the new product stands out for its extremely small sizes and high reading performance independently from its orientation and the type of screw used to fix it.      


Small rugged UHF RFID tag

Titan Inch SQ

The Titan Inch SQ measures just 26 by 26 mm and can be fixed with adhesive or screws. Despite its very small sizes, the tag shows very good behavior also when fixed with a metallic screw and provides high orientation insensitivity and read range up to 2 meters when used on metal and up to 0.5 meters on non-metallic surfaces. Ideally suited for tracking hand tools and other assets which require a very small and rugged UHF RFID tag, the  Titan Inch SQ is a reliable solution for very harsh environments thanks to its resistance to strong impact and high pressure, immersion in water, temperature from -55°C to 200°C, aggressive chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. The Titan Inch SQ features Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip and is available in two regional versions: 865-868 MHz (Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa) and 902-928 MHz (Americas, China and Japan). RFcamp offers a broad range of customization services, including chip programming, label addition, silkscreen printing, laser marking, development of metal fixing brackets based on customer’s needs.

For further details on this small, rugged, orientation insensitive RFID tag, please access our RFID Tag Database or contact RFcamp.

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