With Ironside Micro NFC, Confidex extends the use of NFC to industrial processes and harsh environments

Confidex rugged NFC tags.

The new Confidex product is a rugged NFC tag that offers full NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliance along with the same proven robustness as the well-known Ironside Micro for being used in industrial environments and other harsh conditions.         


Rugged NFC tag for industrial applications

Ironside Micro NFC


Measuring just 27 by 27 by 5.5 millimeters, the Ironside Micro NFC is suitable for asset authentication, mobile based asset management, maintenance, repair and overhaul validation applications. This rugged NFC tag works reliably on all surfaces — metal included — and is tested to survive mechanical stresses, 5 hours immersion in 1 meter deep water (IP68), exposure to salt water, motor oil, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and other chemicals that are typical of industrial environments. The Ironside Micro NFC embeds the NXP NTAG203 chip that and provides 1152 bits of user programmable memory. The Confidex can deliver this product with several customization services such as pre-encoding, data label addition and laser engraving of the tag surface.


Need more details on this rugged NFC tag for industrial applications? Please access our RFID Tags Database or visit the Confidex official website.

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