High speed tracking of vehicles and railway wagons with TagMaster’s semi-passive RFID tags

TagMaster RFID tags for railway wagons.

Do you need to reliably detect fast moving railway wagons and vehicles? TagMaster offers a complete range of tags, readers and antennas that make it possible. The products are based on a proprietary semi-passive RFID technology specifically designed to provide high speed reading and long battery life at the same time.    .

RFID tags for railway wagons high speed vehicles

ScriptTag / MarkTag

All the tags of TagMaster’s MarkTag and ScriptTag series use this technology and offer the opportunity to choose the best solution according to the need to write information to the tag or not, the needed reading speed, the required battery shelf-life and tag cost.
The MarkTag MarkTag Outdoor, MarkTag HD and MarkTag HDS are the best choice when there is no need to write information to the tag. They come pre-programmed with an 8-digit read-only unique identity code and their battery shelf-life is predictable, since it doesn’t vary upon the number of times the tags are interrogated. The HD (Heavy Duty) products feature a high capacity battery that lasts for 10 years, while MarkTag Outdoor lasts for 7 years and has a lower cost. The MarkTag HDS stands out for its very short average reading time of just 20 ms that enables reliable detection of vehicles and railway wagons moving at 400 km/h. All the other tags are suitable for speeds up to 80 km/m.

The ScriptTag Outdoor and ScriptTag HD can be programmed by the customer and offer three memory configuration options with a maximum of 606 programmable bits. The ScriptTag Outdoor provides read range up to 10 meters and battery shelf-life from  5 to 7 years, depending on the configuration.  The ScriptTag HD have a read range of 6 meters and a battery that lasts 6-10 years.

Designed for being mounted on the exterior of the vehicle, also on metallic surfaces, all these semi-passive RFID tags features a rugged encasement that withstands water, high vibration, long time exposure to UV rays, motor oil, petrol, trichloroethylene and other chemicals involved in automotive applications.

Thanks to Generale Sistemi, TagMaster’s worldwide reseller and distributor for Italy and North Africa, for providing us with valuable assistance.

NOTE: These products are now longer hosted on VeryFields, but you can find other 2.45 GHz semi-passive RFID tags for cars, trucks, buses and railway wagons by accessing our RFID Tags Database. If you have not an account yet, please register free here.

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