Confidex announced Carrier Micro and Casey Slim, new additions to its families of high performance industrial RFID labels

Confidex industrial RFID labels.

The new products expand Confidex’ offering of industrial UHF RFID labels specifically designed to provide high performance on plastic and other non-metallic surfaces.          


Industrial UHF RFID label

Carrier Micro


Carrier Micro grows Confidex Carrier product family of UHF RFID labels with very durable structure and adhesive for long-term use in harsh industrial environments. The new product brings together very small sizes of just 40 by 10 millimeters with read range up to 4 meters when used in the frequency band provided by ETSI for the EPC Gen 2 standard, and up to 3.5 meters at FCC frequencies. Its adhesive provides strong grip on low surface energy plastics such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). The Carrier Micro is an excellent solution for plastic returnable containers, but is also suitable for tagging of cardboard surfaces, furniture and IT assets, and other applications that require a very small and durable UHF tag with good read range. The label has a very robust white PET face that is inkjet or thermal transfer printable.

Disposable industrial UHF RFID label

Casey Slim


Member of the Casey family of industrial RFID labels featuring cost-efficient structure, synthetic face and standard background adhesive, the Casey Slim is a disposable product that provides high durability and very long read range, up to 10 meters. With a width of just 15 mm, Casey Slim fits narrow assets and is well suited for a broad range of applications such as supply chain management, work-in-process tracking and other indoor and outdoor logistics. The Casey Slim can be applied with automated high-volume applicators and is compatible with standard inkjet or thermal transfer RFID printers.


Both products withstand 5 hours immersion in 1 meter deep water (IP68) and many aggressive chemicals such as motor oil, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid and acetone. Both products feature NXP UCODE G2iL chip that offers 128 bits of EPC memory, 32-bit unique serial number and several security and privacy features.

Confidex can deliver the products with chip encoding and customer specific printing including logo, text, numbers, barcodes.

For more details, please login to out RFID Tags Database or visit Confidex’s website.

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