Omni-ID Grip, global-use, rugged and flexible RFID tag for hoses, cables, scaffolding and poles

Omni-ID RFID tags for hoses.

Omni-ID has unveiled a rugged yet flexible RFID tag for easy and secure tagging of cylindrical assets such as hoses, cables, scaffolding and poles.     


RFID tags for hoses, cables, scaffolding, poles



The Grip is a rugged and waterproof UHF RFID tag that features tether holes for easy and secure attachment to cylindrical assets and other hard-to-tag objects such as hoses, supermarket trolleys, cables, scaffolding and poles. The flexible and rubberized encasement gives the product the capability to grip assets preventing sliding or other unwanted movements, and allows also attachment to hoses, cables and other non-rigid tubular assets. Optimized for worldwide use on both metal and non-metal surfaces, the Grip provides read range up to 4 m with fixed readers and 2 m with handheld readers. This UHF RFID tag ensures high durability in the harshest industrial environments and comes with a warranty of 3 years.


More information on this Omni-ID tag for hoses, cables and poles is available in the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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