LAB ID introduced new high-performance RFID inlays for apparel price tags

RFID apparel price tags.

LAB ID revamped its RFID inlays for apparel price tags to provide end users with even better performance. The new products, INSKYL7 and UH4411_7, are available with NXP UCODE 7 and Microelectronic EM4124 and EM4126.  

RFID inlays for apparel price tags


RFID price tags for apparel


The INSKYL7 measures 54 x 18 millimeters and is suggested for apparel tagging and other item-level and pallet-level applications that require a tag with a compact form factor and long read range. The UH4411_7 is 44,6 x 11 millimeters and provides good orientation insensitivity and high performance in situations where many tags are closely spaced. Thanks to their small sizes and optimized designs, both these RFID inlay model are excellent solutions for cardboard apparel price tags. The INSKYL7 and UH4411_7 support the latest chips designed by Microelectronic and NXP for high-volume item-level applications. The EM Microelectronic EM4124 chip offers 96 bits of EPC memory and a 32-bit unique unalterable serial number. The EM4126 provides 208 bits of EPC memory. NXP’s UCODE 7 comes with 128 bits of EPC memory and a 48-bit unalterable serial number.

For additional information, please get in touch with LAB ID and let them know you read about their RFID inlays for apparel price tags on VeryFields. Further details are available also in the VeryFields Database. Contact us at if you need help with the choice of RFID tags for your projects or complete RFID solutions.

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