TagMaster MarkTag MaX tpe, semi-passive RFID tag for unique and permanent identification of vehicles

TagMaster semi-passive RFID tags.

In its rich portfolio of RFID solutions for vehicle identification, TagMaster features the MarkTag MaX tpe, a read-only semi-passive RFID tag with unique ID number and anti-tampering functionality.    


Semi-passive RFID tag for vehicle identification

MarkTag MaX tpe

The MarkTag MaX tpe is specifically designed for windshield applications where a unique and permanent link between the tag ID and the vehicle is required. The tag is mounted on the interior side of the windshield and features a special anti-tampering pattern printed on the adhesive back that allows to notice, also from outside the vehicle, if the product has been removed from a vehicle and relocated to another. The MarkTag MaX is delivered with a read-only, 28 bit unique identity code that prevents re-programming and facilitates the system deployment. The on-board battery eliminates any wake-up lag, allowing instant and reliable readings also when vehicles are moving fast. The long and narrow reading lobe provides of 14+ meters read range making this tag suitable for applications where multiple vehicles need to be identified next to each other. The MarkTag MaX tpe works at 2.45 GHz in combination with the TagMaster LR-6XL and LR-6HD readers.

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