Farsens introduced a passive EPC Gen 2 RFID tag for measurement of pressure up to 30 bar

Passive RFID pressure sensor tags.

After Vortex, passive RFID tag engineered to measure pressure values of order of magnitude of mbar, Farsens has introduced Cyclon, a family of passive RFID pressure sensor tags that are able to reveal higher pressure values, up to 30 bar.


Pressure measurement passive RFID tags


Cyclon is available with three different pressure sensors. The first one, the  MS5803-05BA digital sensor from Measurements Specialties, is calibrated and allows measurement of pressure values ranging between 0 and 6 bar, with accuracy of ±50 mbar and resolution of 5 mbar. Also from Measurements Specialties and also calibrated, the MS5803-30BA digital sensor is the right choice for monitoring higher pressure as it can measure values up to 30 bar with good accuracy and resolution. Differently from the MS5803-05BA and MS5803-30BA, the NPP-301A-700A from Amphenol Advanced Sensors is an analog sensor that is not calibrated and should be evaluated by users that need to measure pressure values similar to those the MS5803-05BA sensor can reveal, but can renounce some accuracy against a lower sensor cost. The two Measurements Specialties sensor models can also measure temperature between -40°C and +85°C. Like all Farsens’ sensor tags, this passive RFID pressure sensor tag is compatible with any standard EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID reader. When interrogated, it transmits its EPC ID number together with the last measured pressure value. Working without the need for a battery, Cyclon is extremely light and therefore recommended for applications where the use of a light-weight sensors is fundamental. A variety of antenna models with different directivity is available to match specific requirements within the 865-928 MHz frequency range. Cyclon can be protected with fully-customized encasements to meet any requirement in terms of mounting options and durability for being reliably used in harsh industrial and outdoor environments.

Please contact Farsens for additional information on this passive RFID pressure sensor tag. Are you seeking RFID tags for other applications or looking for complete RFID solutions? Try our RFID tag search engine or contact us.

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