Nedap Identification Systems UHF Combi Card, dual frequency passive RFID solution for parking applications

Passive RFID for parking applicationsNedap Identification Systems is offering an effective, passive RFID solution for parking applications allowing long range identification of drivers and management of pedestrian access to buildings with a single card.   .

RFID cards for parking applications

UHF Combi Card


The UHF Combi Card are RFID badges that reliably combine UHF RFID technology for long read range and HF or LF technology for management. Ideal solution for parking applications, these RFID badges provide up to 4 meters read range thanks to the UHF part and are available with a wide variety of LF and HF chips to ensure compatibility with most existing short-range access control systems. They can be delivered with custom printing and ad hoc designed holders. The UHF Combi Card feature a special security protection to protect data integrity and prevent copying.



More details on these RFID cards for parking applications from Nedap Identification Systems are available in the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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