RTEC released small passive UHF on-metal tags with sensing and auto-retuning capabilities

On-metal RFID tags RFMicron Magnus-s2Using the RFMicron Magnus-S2 chip with RFMicron’s Chameleon technology, the new RTEC products — Proton-Magnus, Atom-Magnus and Rs-Magnus — are small passive UHF on-metal RFID tags capable of sensing the proximity of objects and the surrounding pressure and moisture variations and automatically adapt theirselves to these de-tuning factors to provide high performance constantly.  

The innovative RFMicron’s Chameleon technology dynamically adjusts the chip’s input impedance to correct mismatches that occur when external factors alter the impedance of the tag’s antenna. Leveraging the same chip capabilities, these RTEC tags can be employed for security purposes, for instance to check if an object is moved away from close proximity to the tag, and as low-cost pressure and moisture sensors. The RFMicron Magnus-S2 chip has two possible memory configurations: 128 bits of EPC memory + 144 bits of user memory, or 272 bits of EPC memory and 0 bits of user memory.

Passive UHF on-metal tag with sensing capability


Work metal tools UHF RFID tags


Proton-Magnus and Atom-Magnus are engineered to track metallic work tools, IT assets, medical equipment and Work in Process metallic parts. Their rugged encasement, which is rated IP68 and withstands temperature up to 150°C, allows these small passive UHF on-metal RFID tags to be reliably used in the harshest industrial environments.
Proton-Magnus measures just 10 x 5 x 3.2 mm and provides read range up to 2.5 meters. A bit larger with dimensions of 25 x 9 x 3.2 mm, the Atom-Magnus can be read from up to 5 meters.

Autoclave UHF on-metal RFID tags



Thanks to a small form factor of 18 x 4 x mm and thickness of 1.8 mm combined with an encasement that survives repeated autoclave cyclesRs-Magnus is an ideal solution for surgical instruments, metallic containers and assets that must undergo sterilization processes. Rs-Magnus offers read range up to 1 meter.



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Please contact RTEC for further details on their small on-metal RFID tags with RFMicron Magnus-s2 chip. Looking for other RFID tags? Try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at info@veryfields.net, also for suggestions about complete RFID solutions.

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