Laxcen offers high quality ISO 14443 A and ISO 15693 RFID inlays

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Committed to providing high quality RFID products and services at competitive prices, Laxcen offers a complete range of RFID inlays based on the ISO 14443 A and ISO 15693 standards.       

Square ISO 14443 inlay for ticketing


ISO 14443 inlay for ticketing


Small ISO 14443 inlay for ticketing


ISO 14443 inlay for cards


LX-H40, LX-H45, LX-H75 and LX-H76 are ISO 14443A inlays primarily optimized to meet the requirements of diverse ticketing applications and feature NXP MIFARE Classic 1K chip, which provides 6016 bits ok user programmable memory. The sizes are 40 x 40 mm for LX-H40, 45 x 45 mm for LX-H45, 75 x 25 mm for the LX-H75, 76 x 45 mm for LX-H76.

Small round ISO 15693 inlay

LX H50




LX-H50 inlay is a small, round ISO 15693 inlay with a diameter of 50 mm. The product features NXP ICODE SLIX chip that offers 896 bits of user memory. The LX-H50 is well suited for ticketing, but is used  also in several NFC applications.




Laxcen can provide high quality conversion into tickets, cards, badges upon customers’ request.

For more information on these RFID inlays, please visit the Laxcen website or login to the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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