Invengo started to manufacture NFC inlays and labels


Invengo started to offer NFC inlays and NFC labels in order to meet the growing demand for this kind of products coming from its clients.     


Both the new products, NLoop and NTouch, feature the NXP NTAG203 chip that is NFC Forum Tag Type 2 compliant and offers 1152 bits of user memory and are available as wet inlays and finished paper labels.

Small round NFC inlay label


Small NFC inlay label


NLoop has a round form factor with a diameter of just 25 millimeters, while NTouch measures 36 by 18 millimeters.

These small NFC inlays and labels are well suited for contact-less payments, brand authenticationproximity marketing, enhanced customer experience, gaming and other NFC/smartphone applications.

These Invengo NFC inlays are no longer listed on VeryFields. Please use our RFID Tag Search Engine to find the right RFID tags for your requirements, or contact us at also for suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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