Lab ID presented a new EPC Gen 2 RFID inlay with exceptional orientation insensitivity




LAB ID released a new RFID inlay designed to take maximum advantage of Impinj’s True3D Technology for exceptional orientation insensitivity.

Passive RFID tag compliant with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard, the LAB ID UH3D40 provides excellent read performance on both hung and folded items.
This RFID inlay boasts a very small form factor (40x40mm) and is an ideal solution for apparel tagging, conversion into price tags and other applications that require excellent orientation insensitivity combined with long read ranges.

The LAB ID UH3D40 is available with all the RFID chips of the Impinj Monza 4 series and can be delivered as dry inlay, wet inlay and finished label with high degree of customization..


More details can be found on the VeryFields Database.

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