CAEN RFID launched new Gen 2 temperature logger with external probe

CAEN RFID Gen 2 temperature loggers.

New member of the CAEN RFID Easy2log family, the RT0005ET is a Gen 2 temperature logger that features an external probe to allow wireless monitoring of temperature even inside RF-shielded containers, such as metallic boxes.     

Gen 2 temperature logger with external probe


Leveraging a high quality temperature sensor, a large memory that can store up to 4000 samples and a complete set of configurable alarms and advanced features such as the ability to calculate the Mean Kinetic Temperature and the remaining shelf-life, the RT0005ET is an excellent solution to monitor the cold chain of fresh and frozen food, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods. Compliant with the EPC Gen 2 standard, the RT0005ET offers up to 496 bits of EPC memory, a 32 bit unalterable serial number and 448 bits of additional user memory. The read range achieves 8 meters in free air, in worldwide operations. The product measures 107 x 107 x 8.7 millimeters and provides high attachment versatility since it can be attached with adhesive, cable ties or tethering string. A robust encasement, a long-life battery and the reset functionality make the RT0005ET reusable many times. This Gen 2 temperature logger offers also several other features, including the ability to be switched on/off either by using the built-in manual button or via RFID commands, a LED for visual status check, the possibility to automatically monitor the battery charge status with RFID readers at check points. CAEN RFID delivers the RT0005ET with a standard software suite to simplify solution development and complex data analysis, but can also provide development kits tailored on customer needs.

This Gen 2 temperature logger was already available without external probe. For more information, please visit the CAEN RFID website or login to the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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