RFcamp unveiled autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags for all surfaces

RFcamp autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tagsRFcamp added two autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags to its popular Titan Tag series of rugged, high performance products. Titan General AC and Titan Smallest AC — AC stands for autoclave — have the same excellent read performance and the same rugged construction of the non-AC versions, but feature a special ink coating that provides the protection to survive repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.  

Autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags

Titan General AC

Small autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags

Titan Smallest AC

Titan General AC measures 75 mm by 16 mm x 3.1 mm and provides read range up to 3.5 meters on metal and up to 2.5 meters on non-metallic surfaces, while Titan Smallest AC is 39 mm x 10 mm x 3.1 mm and can be read from up to 2.5 meters when used on metallic surfaces, 1.3 meters on non-metallic surfaces. These autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags are excellent solutions for tracking electronics devices, tools, returnable containers and other assets in the healthcare sector, in the food industry and all the situations where RFID-tagged assets must be sterilized many times. Titan General AC and Titan Smallest AC can be mounted with adhesives, screws or customized brackets for welding or screw mounting. The tags can be delivered customized with pre-encoding, laser engraving and optional labels with logos, bar codes or human readable data. Titan General AC and Titan Smallest AC leverage the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip and are available in two frequency versions, 865-868 MHz and 902-928 MHz.

For more details on these autoclave-resistant UHF RFID tags, please get in touch with RFcamp. If you need help with the selection of RFID tags for your applications, do try our RFID Tag Search Engine. Contact us at info@veryfields.net for suggestions complete RFID solutions.

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