Omnia Technologies High Temperature Innova Tag, rugged UHF RFID tags that provide read range up to 7 meters

Omnia Technologies high temperature RFID tags.

These UHF RFID tags from Omnia Technologies provide read range up to 7 meters on any surface and have a rugged encasement that withstands aggressive chemicals, rough handling and 200°C for 6 hours.    

200C high temperature UHF RFID tags

High Temperature Innova Tag

The High Temperature Innova Tag products have a rugged thermoplastic encasement that survives rough handling and exposure to salt water, motor oil, hydrochloric acid, methyl ethyl ketone, isopropyl alcohol and other corrosive agents without physical or performance changes. Tuned for global-use, these high temperature UHF RFID tags are widely used to RFID-enable a variety of industrial applications such as automation of maintenance processes and tracking of Work in Process parts, heavy machinery and returnable containers. The High Temperature Innova Tags are available with Alien Technology Higgs-3 and NXP UCODE G2XM as standard, but other chip versions can be delivered upon customer request. They can be mounted with screws or optional adhesive. Omnia Technologies can provide several other customization services, including logo and text marking.

Please contact Omnia Technologies for further details on these UHF RFID tags for high temperature applications, or login to the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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