Xerafy Pico Wedge, small rugged RFID tag designed for being quickly installed on metal without adhesive


Installation of small RFID tags on industrial metallic assets is often a process that takes several hours, due to the wait for the adhesive to cure. Moreover, there is the risk that the epoxy is not distributed evenly when the tag is attached to non-horizontal surfaces. The new Xerafy Wedge Series is made of small RFID tags designed to be quickly and securely installed on metal without the need for adhesive.   


Small RFID tags installed on metal without adhesive

Pico Wedge

Pico Wedge is a robust UHF RFID tag that can be easily flush-mounted in metallic assets by simply pressing it by hand or hammering it into a circular recess with a 24 mm diameter and a 6.5 mm depth. Just a common drill and a rubber-faced mallet are needed to mount the tag in few minutes. This installation method also protects the tag from being damaged or detached making it a reliable RFID tagging solution for challenging industrial environments. In fact, thanks also to its robust and water-proof encasement, the Pico Wedge can be used to track I-beams, other metallic building parts and equipment in construction, pipes in oil & gas, metallic assets in automotive, aerospace and railway industries, surgical tools and medical devices in healthcare. The product is ATEX compliant and engineered to survive prolonged immersion in water, high temperature up to 150°C, strong shocks, vibrations and impacts. Featuring Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip, Pico Wedge provides read range up to 2.5 meters when flush-mounted in metal. Pico Wedge is available in two regional versions, US and EU.

Nano Wedge, which is slightly bigger than the Pico Wedge but provides a longer read range, will be soon released by Xerafy. For more information on these small rugged on-metal RFID tags, please contact Xerafy, or register to VeryFields for free to receive upcoming updates.

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