The Tag Factory launches a UHF wristband with elegant watch-like form factor, new Monza 4QT versions of previously available products

UHF RFID wristband TTF.

After the WristBand Tag (Bracelet type), The Tag Factory launched a UHF RFID wristband with watch form factor. Furthermore the Indian RFID tag manufacturer has unveiled also new Impinj Monza 4QT versions of previously available products.    


UHF RFID wristband

UHF WristBand Tag (Watch type)



The UHF WristBand Tag (Watch type) is an elegant, dust and water proof RFID wristband ideal for a wide range of access control, customer loyalty management and security applications in various environments such as amusement parks, clubs and theaters. This RFID wristband is soft and not allergic to skin. The standand versions of the product feature Alien Technology Higgs-3 or Impinj Monza 4QT chip, but The Tag Factory can deliver this product with other chips and frequencies.



The Tag Factory is also offering new Impinj Monza 4QT versions of the following products:

The Tag Factory UHF M-Armada Tag – ETSI
The Tag Factory UHF M-Armada Tag – FCC
The Tag Factory UHF M-King Tag – Global
The Tag Factory UHF Windshield Tag – Global

For more details on this UHF RFID wristband and the other TTF products, please contact The Tag Factory. Additional info is available also through our RFID Tag Search Engine. Contact us at if you need help with the selection of RFID tags or suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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