SensMaster Ison, compact form factor, RFID humidity and temperature logger

SensMaster RFID loggersActive RFID tags with humidity and temperature sensors allow to track fixed or moving objects and, at the same time, to monitor the environmental conditions at long distance and without line of sight. SensMaster is offering the Ison a compact form factor, RFID humidity and temperature logger.

RFID humidity and temperature logger


Active RFID tag designed to monitor temperature and humidity simultaneously, the Ison features a large memory to store up to 10.000 humidity & temperature samples together with their time-stamps. Samples can be organized as log-points in time intervals or according to threshold conditions. This RFID temperature and humidity logger offers multiple mounting options and can be fixed onto or within various types of assets and works with TM700 series RFIDS readers providing long read ranges up to 60 meters, also in metal-rich environments. This Ison is an ideal solution for tracking perishable products such as food and pharmaceuticals and also for wireless monitoring of environmental conditions.

Some technical specs:
Humidity sensor range: 0% – 100% RH.
Humidity sensor accuracy: ± 2% at 20%-80% RH.
Humidity sensor resolution: 0.7% RH (8 bit).
Temperature sensor range: -30°C – +85°C.
Temperature sensor accuracy: ± 0.4°C at 25°C.
Temperature sensor resolution: 0.01°C (14 bit).
Beacon mode: TTF (Tag Talks First) or RTF (Reader Talks Fist).
Update interval: configurable from 1 to 1000 seconds with 1 second at alert.
Other features: configurable log-intervals, threshold alerts, comfort zone and dew-point alerts.

This humidity and temperature logger is available in two versions: the first option has IP54 encasement and 2 replaceable AAA batteries, the second features IP65 encasement and a long-life, non-replaceable battery.

SensMaster can provide the Ison kit TMK-701-007 to evaluate the products. The package includes an application to initialize tags and export sample data to a spreadsheet tool, e.g. Microsoft Excel, for analysis and graphing.

For more information on this RFID humidity and temperature logger please contact SensMaster or access the VeryFields RFID Tag Database. If you have not an account yet, please register free here.

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