The Tag Factory released M-Lance Tag, high performance small UHF RFID tag for metal

TTF small UHF RFID tag for metal.

The new small UHF RFID tag for metal from The Tag Factory measures just 23 x 9 x 5 mm and provides high performance with read range up to 1.5 meters.  


Small UHF RFID tag for metal TTF

M-Lance Tag


The M-Lance Tag is ideally suited for hand tools and manufacturing equipment, Work-in-Process parts, IT assets and other metallic objects that need a very small UHF RFID tag with good read range. This on-metal tag has a robust ABS encasement and can attached with adhesive. M-Lance Tag features Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip and comes in two regional versions, ETSI and FCC. The Tag Factory can deliver the products with several customization services, including chip programming, visual marking, different chips, constructive materials and colors.
This product is discontinued.


For other small UHF RFID tags for metal, please contact The Tag Factory or use our RFID Tag Search Engine. Contact us at if you need help with the selection of RFID tags or suggestions on complete RFID solutions.

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