SAG launched a new durable and confortable wristband for NFC applications

Silicone NFC wristbands from SAG.


The sBand, the new silicone NFC wristband from SAG, is offered with the MIFARE Classic 1K chip and also the one of the latest NFC chips from NXP, the NTAG213, which provides full NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliance, 1152 bits of user memory, 32-bit password protection to prevent unauthorized memory read/write operations and scan operations counter.  

Silicone NFC wristband



The sBand is an excellent choices for access control, e-payment, e-ticketing and many other NFC applications. Its comfortable silicone construction is fully water-proof and durable enough to survive heavy-duty use in environments with high presence of water or high temperature such as swimming pools, Spa hotels and water parks. This silicone NFC wristband is available in three sizes — adult, young and child — and a variety of colors — red, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green. On request, the product can be customized with laser engraved ID numbering and pad printed, laser engraved, embossed or debossed logos.

Please contact SAG to know more on their new silicone NFC wristband. Try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at if you need suggestions on RFID tags or complete RFID solutions.

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