General information about VeryFields

General information about VeryFields

What is VeryFields?

Hosting thousands of products from the leader RFID tag manufacturers, VeryFields is the world’s largest showcase of RFID tags and provide RFID professionals with the best search tool to find the best RFID tags for their applications.

What does free registration offer?

Free registration unlocks all the features of the RFID Tag Search Tool and allows end users to search RFID tags by selecting dozens of tag characteristics at a time. Furthermore it gives the opportunity to download full information about each RFID tag and receive the VeryFields Newsletter containing updates on the product lines of all the RFID tag manufacturers hosted by VeryFields.

How to publish RFID tags on VeryFields?

Publishing RFID tags on VeryFields is made by VeryFields’ staff. If you are an RFID tag manufacturer and wish to get your products listed, please contact us for more details.

Which RFID tags can be found on VeryFields?

To date, VeryFields hosts tags compliant with the following RFID standards:
– EPC Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
– ISO 14443
– ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3 Mode 1
– ISO 18000-3 Mode 2 (PJM)
– ISO 18000-6:2010
– ISO 18092
– ISO 18000-6B
– Proprietary protocols

How is RFID tag information organized on VeryFields?

Specifications of each RFID tag are organized in accordance with the following categories of parameters: (TO BE UPDATED!)

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