RFcamp updated its website and unveiled a rugged UHF tag for extremely long read range on all surfaces

RFcamp long read range RFID tag.

RFcamp, manufacturer of rugged RFID passive tags since 2004, launched a brand new website and Titan Fastener TK, a new member of the Titan Tag Family of RFID tags designed to combine excellent durability and long read range at competitive prices.     


Long read range RFID tag

Titan Fastener TK

Providing long read range over 12 meters when mounted on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces, Titan Fastener TK is an excellent solution for returnable containers tracking, work in process parts management and a wide variety of other indoor and outdoor industrial logistics that require high-end performance. The extremely rugged construction makes it able to survive prolonged immersion in water (IP68), exposure to very low (-55°C) and very high (200°C) temperature, strong impact, vibration and pressure, chemicals such as salt water, NaOH, sulfuric acid, motor oil, methanol, ethanol and several others. The tag measure 148 by 18 by 4.1 millimeters and can be attached through its backing adhesive, industrial glue, M4 metallic or non-metallic screws, or by using customized welding and screwing brackets that RFcamp can supply to meet clients’ specific needs. Titan Fastener TK features Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip and can be delivered pre-programmed upon customer request. The customization services include also additional labels, printing or laser engraving of the tag surfaces with various barcode types or human readable data.

For further information on this rugged, long range RFID tag, please visit the RFcamp new website or login to the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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