Farsens launched Pyros, passive RFID tag for wireless measurement of contact-temperature

Passive RFID thermistors.

FarsensPyros is a passive RFID tag featuring a thermistor to allow wireless measurement of contact-temperature of industrial assets and machinery in compliance with the EPC Gen 2 standard.  


Passive RFID tag with thermistor



Pyros works without batteries and leverages a Semitec 103GT-2 NTC thermistor that provides a measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C between -10°C and 130°C, and ±3°C in the extended ranges from -30°C to -10°C and from +130°C to 300°C. Excellent solution to monitor the temperature variations of assets and running machinery such as rotors in engines, this passive RFID tag with thermistor communicates with any commercial EPC Gen 2 compliant reader transmitting the measured temperature values along the unique tag ID number. The different antenna models, which are designed to address diverse directivity and read range requirements, can be encapsulated in customized encasements to render the finished tags suitable for the harshest industrial environments and meet any requirement in terms of mounting options.


Please contact Farsens to know more on their passive RFID tag with thermistor, or use the VeryFields Database. Looking for suggestions on RFID tags for your applications or complete RFID solutions? Contact us at info@veryfields.net.

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