Farsens Hydro, passive RFID moisture sensor compliant with the EPC Gen 2 standard

Gen 2 passive RFID moisture sensor.

Farsens offers Hydro, a passive RFID moisture sensor designed to allow wireless monitoring of moisture of soil or other materials. Compliant with the EPC Gen 2 standard, this interesting passive RFID sensor is available in various versions with different directivity and read range up to 1.5 meters.  

Passive RFID moisture sensor


Combining an external humidity probe with a Farsens R-Meter tag, Hydro is capable of measuring the electrical resistance of the monitored material and translate it into an output that can be read by any EPC Gen 2 compliant reader, along with the 96-bit EPC tag identifier. The measurable resistance values range from 200 ohm to 30 megaohm. The output is expressed with numbers from 0 to 100. This passive RFID moisture sensor is a great tool to develop enhanced automatic irrigation systems or detect liquids in containers or places that should be completely dry. Like all the other Farsens products, Hydro can be encapsulated in custom rugged encasements to enable it to be used in harsh environments and meet any mounting requirement.

Please contact Farsens for more information on their passive RFID moisture sensor. More info is available also in the VeryFields Database. Contact us at info@veryfields.net if you need help with the choice of RFID tags for your projects or complete RFID solutions.

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