Xerafy MicroX II Paint Shop, UHF RFID tag engineered to track automotive chassis through paint shop processes

Paint shop UHF RFID tagsXerafy’s rugged long-read-range on-metal UHF RFID tag, the Microx II, is now available in a special version designed to reliably track automotive chassis and other work-in-process metallic parts through high temperature paint shop processes.   

Paint shop RFID tag

Xerafy Microx II


Protected by a durable engineering-grade nylon polymer encasement, the Microx II Paint Shop is capable of withstanding temperature up to 250°C, challenging heat-up/cool-down cycles, strong mechanical stresses, prolonged immersion in water (IP68) and exposure to a broad variety of corrosive chemicals. This extreme durability, combined with read range up to 10 meters in a compact form factor of 51mm x 36.3mm x 75mm, makes the Microx II Paint Shop suitable not only for paint shop cycles, but rather an excellent solution for tracking automotive parts along the whole manufacturing process. The tag is available in two frequency versions, 902-928 MHz (Americas, China, Japan) and 866-868 MHz (Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa), and can be delivered with customized chip programming and laser engraving.


Please get in touch with Xerafy for additional details on UHF RFID tags for paint shop processes. Seeking RFID tags for other applications? Try our RFID Tag Search Engine or contact us at info@veryfields.net, also for suggestions about complete RFID solutions.

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