Omni-ID unveiled an innovative rugged RFID tag that can be read from hundreds of meters

Rugged active RFID tag Omni-ID.

Power 400, the new Omni-ID product, brings together read ranges typical of active RFID tags with the robustness of the most rugged passive tags to survive challenging mechanical stresses and harsh environmental conditions.  

Rugged active RFID tag

Power 400

Power 400 operates in both active and passive mode to offer the best of two technologies. Powered by a battery with shelf life of 5 years, the active functionality works at 433 MHz in combination with Omni-ID proprietary readers and provides read range of hundreds of meters regardless of the tag orientation and excellent performance also in presence of water, snow and moisture. The passive part is controlled by the Impinj Monza X-2K Dura chip and offers read range of 3-6 meters depending on reader model in full compliance with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard. The active and passive RFID parts communicate with each other sharing the same memory of 1 kbit. The tag is 120 x 36 x 30 millimeters and offers multiple mounting options, including screws and cable ties. Thanks to its long read range, robustness and versatility, this rugged active tag is a perfect solution for container tracking in manufacturing, asset and vehicle tracking in construction sites, laydown yards and other large areas. The tag is grey with custom color options and can be delivered encoded and labeled upon request.

Please contact Omni-ID for additional details, and be sure to let them know that you saw this rugged active RFID tag on VeryFields. More information is also available in the VeryFields Database. Contact us at if you need help with the choice of RFID tags or complete RFID solutions.

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