Xerafy introduced Data Trak II and Global Trak II, low cost, FTSC compliant RFID tags for IT asset tracking

Xerafy RFID tags for data center assets.

The new Xerafy products, low cost versions of the already available Data Trak and Global Trak, have been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for affordable, industry-standard, high performing RFID tags for cost-effective tracking of blade servers, routers, switches and other data center assets.    


UHF RFID tags compliant with the EPC Gen 2 standard and the requirements of the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) for passive tags to be used in IT asset tracking, the Xerafy Data Trak II and Global Trak II offer many advantage that make them an extremely competitive solution for data center asset tracking applications. They provide high performance on both metal and non-metal surfaces eliminating the need for using different tag models, work reliably in environments with high presence of metal and high density of tagged objects, provide attachment versatility since they feature an adhesive back and a tether hole for easy attachment with a standard cable tie. Thanks to these capabilities, the Data Trak II and Global Trak II reliable, cost competitive option for a wide variety of asset management applications that require RFID tags for all surfaces.

RFID tags for data centers

Data Trak II – US version

Low cost RFID tags for data centers

Global Trak II

Both the products have a footprint of just 38 x 18 mm and a thickness of 3.8 mm. They use the Impinj Monza 4E chip which provides 496 bits of user EPC memory, a 48 bit serialized Tag ID and 128 bits of additional user programmable memory. The Data Trak II comes is two regional versions (US 902-928 MHz and EU 865-868 MHz), while the Global Trak II is a global tag (860-960 MHz) to provide high-performance across all world’s regions.
Xerafy offers custom encoding and label printing as optional services on these products. The service includes wraparound labels for improved security and easier identification.

Further details on these Xerafy tags for data centers are available in the VeryFields RFID Tags Database. Please login or register for free if you don’t have an account.

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