Laxcen is offering a variety of new UHF and HF RFID tags

Laxcen UHF HF RFID tags


Lately, Laxcen released several new UHF and HF RFID tags specifically engineered to meet the specific requirements of very different applications. The latest additions to Laxcen’s offering include EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant products. Below a full list.   

The C50 Clothing Tag is an UHF RFID hang tag specifically designed to provide excellent performance in apparel item-level tagging applications showing low sensitivity to orientation. The C50 Clothing Tag can be fully customized upon request.
With an antenna that measures just 40mm x 18mm, the C40 is a small UHF inlay designed to deliver great performance in a wide variety of item-level tagging applications, such as tracking, inventory and product authentication of apparel, pharmaceuticals and jewelry.
The E70 is a compact UHF RFID tag designed to provide long read range in apparel tagging applications combined with compact form factor. Its dimensions of 73mm x 17mm and the read range up to 6 meters make the E70 a good solution also for pallet tracking applications.
The C90 is a general-purpose UHF RFID inlay conceived to offer very long read range, up to 10 meters, in item-level and pallet-level applications.
The R50 Laundry Tag is compact and robust UHF RFID tag designed to survive 150 commercial washing cycles.
Optimized for excellent performance on glass and featuring a special construction that breaks in case of removal attempt, the C90G Windshield Label is a great solution for RFID vehicle identification systems that require long-read-range tamperproof UHF tags. The C90G Windshield Label can be delivered with a wide range of customizations.
Laxcen’s UHF Smart Cards are high quality UHF RFID badges that provides read range up to 6 meters. A wide range of customization services are available upon request.
The M81S and M100L are two global-use UHF RFID tag designed to allow cost-effective tracking of metallic assets. Thanks to their durable encasement, these UHF RFID tag can be reliably deployed also in harsh industrial environments. The M81S delivers read range up to 11 meters, while the M100L can be read from up to 13 meters.
Laxcen unveiled also a new NFC tag. The H25D, which features the NXP NTAG213 chip and a round antenna with diameter of 25mm, is an NFC tag specifically designed to offer high-performance in NFC applications that require tags with small dimensions. The product is an excellent solution for smart posters, smart advertising, brand protection and authentication purposes, access control and ticketing applications. The H25D is available as dry inlay and wet inlay.

Please see the whole the Laxcen offering and discover more details about the above UHF and NFC tags by logging in to the VeryFields RFID Tag Database. Contact us at for suggestions on RFID tags and complete RFID solutions.

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