LAB ID realeased new RFID inlays for apparel hang tags

LAB-ID RFID inlays for apparel hang tags.

The SKL4020 and SKLI4218, LAB ID’s newest RFID inlays for apparel tagging and other item-level tracking applications, take advantage of the latest-generation chips from Impinj and NXP to provide excellent read performance and advanced additional features.     

Both the SKL4020 and SKLI4218 combine high performance with very compact form factors that fit all common apparel hang tags. Showing excellent performance in tunnel reading applications and good behavior also when used with handheld readers, these UHF RFID inlays are an excellent solution to improve operations along the whole apparel supply chain.

RFID inlays for apparel tagging


SKLI4218 RFID inlays for apparel tagging


The SKL4020 measures 40.28 x 20 millimeters and features Impinj Monza 5 chip which provides high-end performance in terms of read/write speed and security.
The SKLI4218 is 42 by 18 millimeters and uses NXP UCODE G2iL or UCODE G2iL+ chips which offer advanced security functionalities to increase security and privacy of operations.

LAB ID can deliver the SKL4020 and SKLI4218 converted into customized labels or hang tags. For more details on these RFID inlays for apparel hang tags, please login to the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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